A Pressing Situation

By Audrey W.



John Gage held a grim expression on his face as he and his partner Roy DeSoto assessed the victim of a household accident.


“Second degree burns?” Johnny asked, more to reinforce his diagnosis than to question it. 


Roy nodded. “At least.”


“Whataya think her chances are for a full recovery?”


“It’s not gonna happen.”


Roy’s four-year-old daughter Jennifer and six-year-old son Chris looked on glumly, while their mother Joanne stood watching with her arms folded across her chest.


“Should we start an IV?” Johnny wondered.


“Wouldn’t do any good.”


“Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’d soak right through ‘er.”


“Oh you two!” Joanne playfully admonished with a roll of her eyes.  She reached out and grabbed the cloth doll with the pressed on face from the kitchen table. “So I held the iron on her a little too long.”


She’d started to make a cloth doll whose body and face were of muslin. The first step in the process was to press on pre-embroidered features. But when she’d pulled the iron away, the doll had a light burn over her face with a row of dots across her forehead and on one cheek from some of the  round vents on the iron’s plate. The incident had sent a tearful Jennifer in search of her father and his visiting friend to treat the ‘wounded’ toy. 


“She gonna be okay, Daddy?” Jennifer wondered.


“Yeah, Honey, she’ll be fine. But I can’t say she’ll be as good as new.”


“She’ll just look like she’s been hangin’ out on the beach in long pants and a turtleneck sweater,” Johnny added with a smirk.


Jennifer didn’t get the joke, but brought a smile to everyone’s face when she suggested, “Next time lemme do the countin’, Mommy.”


Joanne just shook her head. She’d never live this one down.




This was inspired by my own *ooops*. lol



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