April 1st
By Purry

The friend in me said to let him be.

But the Phantom has other ideas you see.

April fools comes but once a year.

To Johnny that day holds nothing but fear.

To get through the torture Chet has planned.

Johnny takes a stoic stand.

The pigeon knows he has no escape.

That prankster just won't abate.

As the day wears on to the Phantom’s surprise.

Johnny strikes back with a prank well devised.

After getting a taste of what the Pigeon can do.

Chet lets him know that the Phantom’s not through.

April Fools Day may come just one time a year.

But that doesn’t mean after today the Phantom will disappear.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Chet not pulling a gag is very bleak.

So beware Johnny to what the rest of the year brings.

No matter how you retaliate, the Phantom will always be king.




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