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Beyond the Bash

By Audrey W.


Johnny and Roy had just left the Hollywood bash in their tuxedos, Johnny suggesting they go out somewhere else, money being no object. . .

Roy was all for getting good use out of his rented tux. Only one little detail about Johnny's idea plagued him. Finally, he spoke out.

"So how're we going to have this 'money is no object night out' if only one of us has money?"

Johnny gave the question thought as he brought his Land Rover to a stop at a traffic signal. He started to open his mouth when Roy reminded him, "I'm already out a quarter for the valet tip you didn't have."

The younger man pursed his lips. There had to be an answer.


"You want another one?" Roy asked his tux clad friend, who was seated on the other side of a small round table.


He got up from his chair and walked across the flagstone patio to the back screen door that led to the kitchen. Once inside, he grabbed a couple of cans of beer from the refrigerator and soon joined his guest back outside.

"This is nice," Johnny said as he took a swig from the can.

"It sure is," Roy agreed.

Never had he appreciated the free-from-Hollywood-egos and simple surroundings of his own back yard more.



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