If any characters of Emergency! were to write a book, what would each one's be about and what title would they give it?






The Phantom's Guide to Practical Jokes. (We all know who would write this one!)

Marco would write The Ultimate Firehouse Cookbook and all three shifts would contribute to The Best of Station 51 Cookbook.





Wanda CH:

Roy's would be, "How to be a Paramedic to Your Children and Society".


Mike's would be..."When Dreams Come True...Becoming that Fireman and Engineer that I Dreamed About When I Was Four"

Johnny's would be......"Safety 101, Lessons Learned as a Fireman/Paramedic"

Hank's would be....."Challenges of a Leader...How To Be Both Captain and Friend"

Chet's would be....."Firemen... 101 Ways to Use Your Badge to Help Pick Up Chicks"

Marco's would be....."Firehouse Humor...How To Deal With a Practical Joker"







Peggy B.


Roy- Surviving An Accident Prone Partner : Tips and tricks on how to protect the partner that insists on leaping before he looks.

Johnny- Surviving the Phantom: What to look for in the way of traps and tricks of a prankster.

Marco- Cooking for a small group: Recipes for 101 different ways to cook chili

Mike- Adventures of a Fire Engineer: Stories about the different fires and rescues he has been on during his years in the Fire Department.

Captain Stanley- Promotions Within the Ranks: Stories about tests and preparing to take them. How ,many nerves are left?

Chet- Secrets of the Phantom: How the Phantom came to be and tricks he likes to play on unsuspecting Pigeons.






Wanda H:


Bellingham: 1001 Tips For Surviving a By The Book Partner and Have Fun At It.









I got one for Gage: "Dating For Dummies" No...No...wait...forget that one--he's supposed to WRITE the book, not read it. LOLOLOL
Okay...okay...New title: "How To Consistently Strike Out With Chicks" by Johnny Gage
Poor Johnny...I apologize.









John Gage - The Road to Recovery: Volumes 1-5 (tales about his many injuries, small and big, and how he came away from them all as good as new).

Roy - Family Budgeting (title is self explanatory)

Chet - Everything You Wanted to Know About Barbed Wire But Were Afraid to Ask (title is self explanatory)

Cap - A Tale of Two Twits (A story about two firemen who annoy their captain with their station antics)

Dixie - Nurses in the ER: The Roles They Play

Brackett - Web of Fear (a suspense novel)

Brice - Don't Call Me Four Eyes (I have no idea what it's about. lol)







Jen B.


Roy: My Life As An Army Medic: A tell all book as to what it's like to be an army medic, with information as to how you are trained, and your responsibilities, etc.

Johnny: Guide to Camping:...an informational book about the joys of camping in the wilderness. With instructions as to how to set up a tent, what foods are practical to take along, survival tips, etc.

Mike: The Workings of an Engine.....A book about everything you would want to know about a Ward LaFrance fire engine, diagrams included.

Marco: "Firehouse Cooking"....an informative book about firehouse cooking, loaded with many delicious recipes, and how to cook in a hurry.

Cap: My Life as a Fire Department Captain:...an tell all book about what it is like to be a captain.

Chet: "101 Practical Jokes"...an informative book on practical jokes, and how to deploy them to your unsuspecting friends.







The Burning Hat: A Fireman's Tale of Woe by Henry "Hank" Stanley

Get Rich Quick Schemes Aren't All They're Cracked Up to Be by John Gage

Calm, Cool, and Collected: A Practical Guide by Roy DeSoto

Waxing is an Art Form by Michael Stoker

Becoming "The Phantom" by Chester B. Kelly

Heartburn: A Five-Alarm Chili Mystery by Marco Lopez




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