There is a box of assorted chocolates at Station 51 and/or at Rampart. What flavor would each of the characters of Emergency! be hoping for? Would any of them take a small bite to see the flavor and put the wrong one back bit into?


The Box  by Linda2



Liz T.:

Johnny would want the piece containing the cherry.  He'd poke at the candies from underneath to check them out.


Roy prefers the chocolate covered nuts.  He'd read the candy box guide carefully before picking on up.


Cap takes the coconut candies, feeling they're exotic.  He looks for his by the shape and the slivers of coconut that poke through the chocolate.


Marco likes the truffles, they give him the impression of being lighter and not so fattening even if it's not true.


Mike doesn't really care for chocolate, he usually eats the Jordan almond in the package.


Chet likes the solid chocolates and would be the one to nibble and put back.





Johnny - Cremes

Roy - Caramels

Cap - Turtles

Chet - Everything

Marco - Chocolate filled

Mike - Coconut



Wanda CH:

Johnny would pinch them to find the "hard" caramels.

Roy would go for the jelly ones.

Chet would hog all the dark chocolates.

Mike would pick the cherry cremes.

Cap would like the coconut cremes.

Marco would pick over the chocolates to find those hard to get orange cremes



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