What you can find online now: "Chet at Amazon.com! Buy Chet at thousands of stores online! Get Chet shipped in time for Christmas! Order Chet today!"

Suppose ads similar to these ran in the 1970's in the newspapers/magazines or on TV? What might Johnny have to say about it?
*Idea courtesy of E!lf





Her own observation, but too clever not to post: What kind of stores would carry Chet? I guess that's obvious. Joke shops. ;)

Johnny remarks:

"Please tell me this isn't a 'two for one' sale!"

"So basically they're saying that somewhere out there there's a warehouse full of Chets? Man! Talk about a horror movie waiting to happen!"

"It's too early for them to be selling Chet! April Fools' is still months away!"

"BUY Chet?!? I wouldn't take him as a gift!"

"See? That's what you get in your stocking if you've been really REALLY bad!"

And finally . . .

"So now that we know where he came from, can we take him back?"





"Hey, I'll trade you two Chets for a Marco."


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