Drabbles by DiAnne Bay


Same Song, Second Biophone


by Di ;)




“Geez, Gage, what'd you do to the biophone now?”


“Nothing!” Johnny sniped as he carried the remnants of what used to be the biophone into the breakroom with Chet hot on his heels. He dropped the battered orange box on the table where an audience of five materialized.


“I hate to bring this up,” Cap said, “but shouldn't you have taken this… this mess to Dr. Bracket?”


Johnny sighed aloud. “It's not even ours.” He lowered his head and confessed. “Brice was at the scene and he, well, he had me so rattled again, I thought I was in REVERSE!”


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by Di ;)




It was another long, restless night….


John Gage missed his partner. Unable to sleep, he glanced over to Roy’s empty bunk. Pulling on his turnouts, he padded quietly into the kitchen.


He plopped dejectedly on the couch, disturbing Henry’s slumber. The hound inched closer to the downhearted man. John sighed as he rubbed the soft floppy ears.


“It should have been me, Henry,” John sighed sadly. “It’s always me….”


Noting the time, John laid his head against the back of the couch and tried to doze, once again – only visions of his partner, his friend, haunted his dreams, once again.


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Side by Side


by Di ;)




Side by side, the two partners sat in exhausted silence as they rode back to the station. The week had been a long one. The shifts had been rough. They were tired to the bone, wearied to the soul.
As this shift was about to end, Johnny needed to say something before they went their separate ways. Clearing his throat, he spoke softly, “Hey Roy?”
Roy turned his head slightly in acknowledgement.
“I don’t think I could have... I mean...” Johnny stammered, “I just wanted to...”
“I know,” Roy stepped up to finish Johnny’s thought, “I’m glad we’re partners too.”


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Thanks for Covering


by Di ;)




Thanks for covering for me, Roy.


No problem, Johnny, that’s what friends are for.


I know, I just can’t believe you’d rearrange your schedule like that, for me.


What’s not to believe? You’d do the same for me.


Well, yeah, I would, but still.


Still, what? We partners and friends, aren't we?


No, it’s just… it’s not that. I just…


Just what?


I’ve just never had a friend that went out of his way like you do.


Get used to it, Junior.


Oh it’s too late for that, I think I already am, Pally – used to it, that is.


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