New! 02/10/09

Paramedics with Psychic Tendencies  by Vanessa Sgroi







New! 02/10/09

He Should've Known  by  Ross








New! 02/10/09

Johnny:  I -- I -- I just don't know how much more I can take, Roy.  Between the script writers and the way they make me look accident prone and the fanfiction writers who have done just about anything you can think of...I'll never live to see 50!

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New! 02/07/09

The Humorous Side

By Audrey W.


"Man, I tell ya. . .this headache is killin' me," Johnny groaned, his hands on his forehead to emphasize his agony. "One more pounding pain and I swear, my head is gonna explode."

Roy took a quick glance at him. "Well, just be sure you stick it out the window before it does."

Johnny lowered his hands, his mouth open in speechlessness.

After another brief glance, Roy explained, "I don't wanna be left with the mess to clean up."

"Thanks a lot."

As he turned in his seat to face forward, the younger man noticed the playful smile on his best friend and partner's face.

Johnny grinned as well, though it quickly faded into a wince when another throbbing pain coursed through his head. Obviously humor wasn't always the best medicine.



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