New! 02/13/15

Smooth Operator

By Audrey W.


Lying on a creeper with a wrench in hand, John Gage quickly rolled out from under Squad 51, where he'd been tinkering with the rescue truck. The dark haired paramedic nearly tripped his partner Roy DeSoto in the process. With a thoughtful expression on his face and unaware of the close call, John looked up at the older man.

"Hey, Roy? Do you believe in love at first sight?"

What had brought that subject up suddenly was anyone's guess, Roy surmised. But if he'd had to wager a bet, he'd have to say his partner was doing a lot more thinking about off duty subjects . .or at least one of the female persuasion. . . than the underside of the squad. Maybe it was due to the fact it was almost Valentines Day. Or perhaps it was just because it was love interest number. . .

Well, he'd lost count of the younger man's string of relationships since they'd been working together. But he figured it had to be close to ten by now. Either way, it looked like he was going to hear about it whether he wanted to or not. Being he'd been on his way to call his wife, not applied at the moment.

He glanced down at the still wondering look on John's face.

"You mean for you?"

Gage's lower jaw went slack, his narrowed eyes widened.

"Of course I mean for me. Roy, who else would I be talkin' about? Do ya think I'm gonna be askin' for one of the other guys? How'm I gonna know how their love lives are goin' right now? Or that they even have one at the moment. I mean, it's not like they're gonna get all sappy with me and tell me their feelings. Yeah, we talk about this one and that one when it's a casual date we had or if Chet and I go on a double date, I know. Then I know. But just outta the blue. . .I don't think so. It's not like you an' me. We're not just partners. We're close friends, ya know? We can talk about anything. Man, do I mean me. . ." he continued as he rolled back under the truck. "Of course. Man, sometimes I don't know what you're thinkin'. . .,"

Roy could hear him still mumbling as he returned to the tinkering.

The senior paramedic smiled. It had been unintentional, but somehow he'd asked just the right question to derail their conversation for the time being. Now he could continue on and call the love of his life while Gage was distracted. He was still a pretty smooth operator, even if by accident.


Just a little something that came to mind.  :o)

 Happy Valentine's Day!






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