Fishing Trip

By Susan G





Written for the All E! Fanfic's  "200 Members/200 Words Fanfic Fest".




"Aw man, aren't we ever going to move?!" Johnny whined as he leaned out the window trying to see past the sea of cars blocking the highway.


"It's only been half an hour," Roy reminded him, "That's not bad for a traffic jam at this time of the morning."


Chet reached forward to adjust the vents as Johnny sat back down causing his elbow to connect with Chet's nose. "OOWWW! You broke my nose!" he exclaimed clutching at his face.


"Ah, ya' big baby it isn't even bleeding," the paramedic said as he wrenched Chet's hand away from his face.


The fireman settled down in his seat. "Well it sure hurts enough," he mumbled not so quietly.


Johnny looked at Roy and rolled his eyes as he began flipping through the stations on the radio.


"Settle on something already, will you?!" came a muffled voice from the back.


"He's in the sandwiches already! Roy tell him to save them for later!"


Once again a hand snaked forward from the back of the Rover, "I am cooking back here! Why don't you get a car with some air conditioning?"



Roy's buried his face in his hands. "Will I ever learn?"


The End


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