Fun E! Medical and Fire Fighting/Rescue Words

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Administering DHW instead of D5W. See illustrations below.



              DHW                                    DHW                                   DHW



(Not to be confused with jaundiced, a yellowing of the skin caused by liver failure.)

Johndiced is defined as a medical condition experienced by female victims who regain consciousness only to find Johnny's gorgeous face just inches from their own.

To illustrate, I shall attempt to use the word in a sentence: The two gals below were Johndiced.






New! 05/26/06

The mike (or mic) and Mike. See below for illustrations. :o)



The mike is with the radio/ John is using the mike (or mic)     Mike is standing in front of the mirror



Roybies - If you're a rabid Roy fan, you have contracted a case of Roybies.  



An Early Diagnosis - not as in a condition found early, but rather a patient being diagnosed by Doctor Joe Early of Rampart General Hospital.  See pictures below for illustration.


Johnny is getting an Early diagnosis                         The boy is getting an Early diagnosis


An oxygen Gage - unlike the oxygen 'gauge' which shows the amount of oxygen being given, this 'Gage' gives oxygen when needed by the use of his mouth. See illustrations below:


                Oxygen gauge                                                                        Oxygen Gage    


And then Ross said: Which would  make Johnny "The Jaws Of Life". This rescue requires the Jaws of Life. We could just call him the Jaws, for short. :o)





Wanda H:


Johnitis - If you have a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and always getting hurt.

 Roy sometimes has 'Johnitis'.                                        John often has Johnitis (see above and below)





Liz T. found a REAL definition of Johnny:

Johnny: A hospital gown. A johnny is a short collarless gown that ties in the back, worn by patients being examined or treated in a doctor's office, clinic, or hospital. Johnnies are generally disliked by patients as skimpy, ugly, ill-fitting garments often leaves one´s backside ignominiously exposed.

And as Liz T. pointed out, John Gage has been in one enough to have it named after him. :o)


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