Fun Photo Captions by Ross


John: "Uhhh...Roy...I don't think that's what Rampart meant

 when they said 'insert an IV'. You sure you didn't hit your

 head back there?"

John: 'Ahhh, man...How come I kin recall all the words to "American Pie", but, I can't remember what I just came in here for?'




Chet: "Whew! Talk about 'doggy breath'.
Hey, they make Listerine for dogs?"










Gage: "Sixteen across...sixteen across...a four-letter Spanish word
for crazy. Hey, Marco? What's a four-letter Spanish word for crazy?"

Lopez: "That's easy...Loco."

Gage: "Nah. Won't work. The word has to begin with a 'j'."

Lopez: "Then, it has to be Juan."



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