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His Turn


By  Audrey W.




He looked at the clock and sighed. How many times had his partner been in this very seat eyeing the same two hands as time slowly ticked away?


He’d certainly put him through enough worry time and again. From early on in their partnership when he’d gotten a near fatal virus from a monkey, to a few years later when he needed life-saving surgery after being hit by a car. And many close calls in between.


Now, thanks to a ceiling collapse in a warehouse fire, it was his turn.


John Gage leaned back on the couch in the doctors’ lounge and glanced around the room, his gaze settling on the TV.


The television the two had once caught glimpses of a brush fire they weren’t called to at first but hoped to get in on the action. The set they were able to watch a couple of plays from a college football game they’d been assigned to cover for mishaps and emergencies around the stadium.


John smiled at the memory. He and his partner, Roy DeSoto, were so busy with rescues and transporting victims to Rampart, they’d barely been able to catch the game while on location. At the time they were disappointed, but were able to laugh about it later.


He couldn’t ask for a better partner, in good times or bad.


He eyed the clock again. 


“C’mon, man. . .” he whispered. He leaned forward and placed his elbows on his thighs, his hands clasped together where his chin rested.


John knew he could be losing that partner. What he didn’t know was would he be able to go on as a paramedic if that happened? Would it ever be the same again? Or would quitting if he lost his partner be the very worst thing he could do? After all, it was Roy who was in on the program from the beginning; the one who got him to join as well.


Nope, he couldn’t quit. He’d have to make sure every paramedic that came along knew who was involved in the evolution and growth of the program. That would be Roy’s legacy.


“Man, what’m I thinkin’? he wondered aloud. “Of course he’s gonna make it. He has to. He’s got a family.”


Family. . .


He wondered where Roy’s wife Joanne was. All he knew for sure was that she wasn’t at home. Neither he nor the head nurse of emergency, Dixie McCall, could get an answer at their home telephone number.


Again he glanced at the clock and sighed. Maybe it was time to try again.


Just as he got to his feet, the door opened. John didn’t move; he just waited for the word. When he saw a small smile spread across Doctor Brackett’s face, he allowed one of his own.


“He’s going to be okay, Johnny. He made it through surgery just fine.”


John lowered his gaze to the floor a moment. Thank God. He then shot a quick glance to the clock. It had been the longest hour of his life. And one he’d never forget.





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