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The Indirect Method


 Roy’s Brush With Death – Johnny’s View


By Audrey W.






John Gage could not believe what had just happened. One minute his partner was climbing out a second story window and onto a roof where Johnny was to hand the victim down to him. The next thing he knew there was a lengthy blinding flash and Roy was in a free fall to the ground having been electrocuted.




Normally his first instinct would be to scramble out and down a ladder, and rush to his partner’s aid. But with the woman still in his arms in a situation where he couldn’t climb out safely and take her with him, he had no choice but to leave Roy’s life in the hands of their current paramedic trainee Karen.


He looked down at Roy who was lifeless as Karen laid him out on the ground and started mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while Marco hurried over with the gear she’d need to bring his partner back.


C’mon, c’mon, Roy. . .not now. . .not now, man. . .not like this. . .


Johnny could not believe the turn of events. He had seen Karen break down from exhaustion and come up short in similar situations during her training in the field with them and here she was Roy’s main chance of survival.


His gaze quickly shifted to two fire fighters carrying a ladder. With the second floor gone, leaving him and the victim precariously perched on and against the window sill, and the urgency of the situation below, they couldn’t get the ladder to the window fast enough in his mind.


He called out to them to hurry, then again glanced down at Roy. Marco was uncharacteristically fumbling with the oxygen in trying to get it set up.


Man, he must really be shook up. . .


Karen put the defibrillator paddles to Roy and immediately gave him a shock, causing his body to jerk upwards.


Johnny didn’t like what he’d seen. She didn’t even have DeSoto hooked up to the EKG monitor. But at the moment, there wasn’t anything he could do until he was sure the woman currently in his charge was in other capable hands and his own feet were on the ground.


It was several anxious seconds that felt like many minutes before he found himself scrambling down the ladder and toward his partner. The scene he came up on was disturbing as Roy still lay out on the ground and appeared lifeless. Johnny stopped somewhat in shock himself as he got his first glimpse up close. Was Roy dead?


Karen immediately turned to him with a slight smile. “He’s got a pulse and he’s breathing on his own.”


It took a second to sink in and it was only then he realized he hadn’t taken a breath from the ladder to where he now stood. But the words brought a sigh of relief and a grin to Johnny’s face as well. She hadn’t done it the conventional way, and he’d have to talk to her about that. However she did come through in a big way when it counted, and for that he was grateful. His partner was alive.


He pulled the HT he’d forgotten he had out of his turnout pocket.


I guess Marco wasn’t the *only* one who was a little shook up. . .


“L.A., this is Squad 51. Respond an ambulance to this address.”


Johnny didn’t want to cause any problems for Karen after what she’d just done for Roy; not over a matter he figured he could handle with her on his own. So there was only one thing to say when Captain Stanley realized something had happened and came over to see.


 “Everything’s under control, Cap.”


Johnny again sighed in relief when he eyed his partner. He’d have to have a talk with him as well; about being more aware of his surroundings, especially when power lines were near.






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