What about submissions?

About posting on this site as a Guest Dispatcher: due to the fact I am way behind on writing projects and features on the site, I am not adding new writers to Guest Dispatchers at this time at all. That is firm. I am accepting new stories from individuals who already have stories here, but on a limited basis. I'll also post some from closed sites for them, but it depends on the story(ies). :o)

On the Photo Stories, I don't know. I'm sometimes wishy-washy on that with new writers. But you are still welcome to post your responses to the photos at any site in the fandom, that is always okay.  Because I don't want to get hit with a lot of submissions. No disrespect intended, that's just how it is because I love to write and my time is more limited. Thanks in advance for understanding! :o)

**An exception: Once in awhile I may add someone I've known in the fandom for awhile if they offer me the opportunity to post a story, especially if I've previously invited them to do so.  

Thank you for stopping by! :o)



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