Inquiring Minds Want to Know

By Audrey W






*Ring ring*


*Ring ring*






“Chet? Wha--”


“Well, now that we got that settled--”


“What set--?”


“So what’s goin’ on with you?”


“What’s goin’ on? Whataya mea--”


“Yeah, you going anywhere?”


“Okay, what’s up?”


“Why does anything have to be up?”


“Because it’s only been an hour since we got off duty and I just had a conversation with you before we left the station. Come to think of it, it was a rather inquisitive one then, too. Like if I was going Christmas shopping, what stores might I be hitting. . .”


“Can’t a guy find out what another guy’s tastes might be?”


“Sure, if he doesn’t already know!”




**Wait a minute. . .we drew names this morning for swapping presents later. . .I wonder. . .**


“Chet, if this is about what I think it is, I didn’t get your name so there’s no--”


“John, I’m shocked. You really think I’d stoop so low as to call you just to find out if you got my name and what you might be getting me if you did?’


“Yes__I do.”


“Yeah? Well, did you stop to think maybe I drew your name and I’m just trying to get an idea of what to get you?”


“I’ll save ya time. A date with that new nurse I was tellin’ you about in Pediatrics.”


“Ha. That would take a Christmas miracle. Well, I’ll talk to you next duty. Bye.”






**He didn’t get my name. He just wants to know if I got his. . .I think. . .I wonder. . .nah, he’s just tryin’ to throw me off ‘cause I figured him out.  Or is he?**


“Oh man, now he’s got me wonderin’ who does have my name. . .I wonder if Roy's home. . .”




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