The Mood Ring does not belong to me. It was invented by a man named Joshua Reynolds. I just found a way to use it for fun. :o) 



In The Mood

By Audrey W.




Johnny strolled into the dayroom and glanced at the paper sack on the table.


“What’s this?” He asked, peeking inside.


Marco looked up from reading the morning newspaper on the couch. “That’s Chet’s.”


“Oh yeah?” Johnny questioned, with a hint of interest in his voice. “What’s in it?” He reached in the sack and pulled out a two-pound box of assorted Christmas chocolates.


“I wouldn’t mess with that if I were you,” Mike warned.


“It’ll be okay, Mike. I’m just looking.”


Christmas candy? In the middle of February?


Laying the box of chocolates on the table, Johnny reached in to take out the other item, when Chet walked into the room.


“Hey! Whatta ya think you’re doin’?”


All eyes were on Johnny, as the paramedic stood open mouthed.


“I. . .uh. . . I was just seeing what was in the bag.” Johnny’s brow furrowed in curiosity. “What’s with the Christmas candy? Kinda late, isn’t it?”


Chet eyed the box of candy on the table. “That’s for my date tomorrow.”


“Your date?”


“Yeah, I’m taking Clarice out for Valentine’s Day.”


“And you’re giving her Christmas candy? Chet, you can’t do that!”


“Why not? It’s the same as Valentine’s candy . . .just not in a heart-shaped box. And it’s a heck of a lot cheaper this time of year.”


“Chet! Think about it.  It sounds like something I would do.”


Not wanting to listen to the phantom and the pigeon argue it out any longer, Marco cut in on the conversation.


“Chet, Christmas candy’s old.”


The stocky fireman shook his head. “Not that old. It’s not like it’s been sitting on the shelf for months.”


Johnny held up his left hand and spread his fingers apart. He pushed down a finger for each month he named. “November, December, January.”


“Maybe this is a later batch,” Chet defended.


Johnny and Marco shook their heads, while Roy and Mike watched in amused interest.


“So what’s in the little box in here?” Johnny asked peeking in the sack again.


Chet snatched it off the table.


“It’s a ring.”


“Well, now that’s nice,” Roy commented.


“What kind if ring, Chet?” Mike wondered. He couldn’t imagine Chet spending a lot on jewelry for a date.


“Probably something out of a gumball machine,” Johnny snorted.


“It is not. It’s a Mood Ring.”


“A Mood Ring?” Johnny and Marco asked in unison.


“Yeah.” Chet’s otherwise annoyed voice took on a smoother tone. “It’s a lead in. She puts it on, it turns dark blue. . . meaning she’s happy and passionate. . .and I make my move.”


“I don’t believe this,” Johnny mumbled.


Chet looked around at the others, motioning towards Gage. “This from a man who spends 8 dollars and 42 cents on dinner for a chick.”


“Would ya listen to me? I know what I’m talking about because of stuff like that.”


“You’re just sorry you didn’t think of it yourself,” Chet said, depositing the candy back into the sack.


Johnny snickered. “Mark my words, Chester B. You’re gonna regret this.”


A familiar voice coming from the apparatus bay ended the conversation. “Roll call!”




The beginning of the next shift, Chet was facing his locker when Johnny and Roy walked into the room. Johnny ribbed Roy, motioning at Chet.


“I’ll bet he struck out,” Gage whispered.


“You never know.”


Opening his own locker, Johnny made conversation.


“So, how did it go, Chet?”


“Okay.” Came a quick answer.


“Just ‘okay’?” Johnny glanced at Roy and grinned, then brought his attention back to Chet. “I take it the. . .uh. . .’gifts’ didn’t go over too well?”


Kelly glowered at his locker. He knew Gage wasn’t going to let up until he knew what happened.


Might as well get it over with.


As Chet turned to face the paramedics, Roy and Johnny’s mouths dropped at the black eye he was now sporting.


“She hit you?” Gage asked incredulously.


Roy shook his head. “You’ve really got a shiner there.”


“Yes, I do.”


Johnny stepped closer to Chet.


“Let me check it out.” He reached to gingerly touch the bruising around the right eye. “You didn’t answer my question . . did she hit you?”


Chet nodded. “With the Mood Ring still on her finger. . .the black Mood Ring.” He dabbed at his eye tenderly.


“Well, look at the bright side, Chet,” Johnny offered.


“And what would that be?”


“You didn’t come out of this with nothing to show for it.”


The fireman swatted Gage’s hand away. “Very funny.”


“Well, there’s another way to look at it. At least the ring worked, because no chick is gonna be in anything but a black mood after getting clearance Christmas candy for Valentine’s Day.”


Chet looked at Johnny and shook his head.


Why me. . .?





Thanks for the beta, Kenda. . .  :o)