I think I've seen too many episodes of 'Drake and Josh'. <G>  This is how I would see the opening to Emergency! if it was done like on 'Drake and Josh' (a tweeny bopper show I watch with my daughter on Nickelodeon). 



Johnny and Roy


By Audrey W.  





  “Johnny’s a good partner. We work well together and we’re close friends as well.”


Roy’s not just my partner. He’s like a brother to me.”


“Sometimes I don’t even have to finish a sentence. It’s like he knows what I’m going to say next.”


“Sometimes it’s like we each know what the other one’s thinking.”


“But there are times I have to wonder what ‘planet’ he’s from.”


“However, there are times Roy just doesn’t seem to get it.”


“He goes on and on about some new idea for making extra money or his latest problem. Then when I finally agree to get involved, he’s already onto something else.”


“He lets me go on and on about stuff, then waits till I’ve moved on before he decides to jump on board and it doesn't matter anymore.”


  “I can’t imagine having anyone else as a partner.”


“I hope we stay partners for many more years to come.”






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