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Johnny's Arrival : A Supplement Scene to 'Snakebite'

By Audrey W.


Mike carefully backed the engine up to the emergency entrance at Rampart. As he brought the large vehicle to a stop, he quickly glanced at Captain Stanley beside him. No words were spoken. None were needed. In those few seconds, the thoughts of each man were conveyed to the other with just the expression on their faces. Both wondered if they'd gotten John Gage to the hospital in time.

"Let's go," Hank said.

The two men hurried to the rear of the engine to assist with getting Johnny down from the hosebed. Marco arrived to help at the same time after parking the squad nearby. The look on Chet's face from above was disheartening.

The orderlies were already in position to help lift the unconscious paramedic down. Mike and Marco immediately climbed up into the hosebed, Mike assisting Chet in supporting Johnny's upper body and head; Marco holding onto his legs. As they handed him downward to awaiting hands, the men noticed the total limpness of their ill shiftmate. Grim expressions were exchanged as each man recalled how aware and vocal Johnny was when they had lifted him up on the engine back at the scene, even instructing them on what to do. Now he was completely oblivious to everything going on around him, his life hanging in the balance. There was a chance they'd never hear his voice again and the men knew it.

"Careful of the IV," one of the orderlies cautioned the other as they helped handle the patient. With Johnny partially down and supported in others' hands, Chet followed his shiftmate, the IV bag in his care. Hank reached up to help support and guide Johnny's lower back and legs as Marco and Mike climbed down part way, each holding on to one of Johnny's feet with one hand. Once Gage was on the gurney, they hopped off the engine and joined their captain. Dixie McCall led the way as the orderlies guided the gurney to Treatment Room Three, where Doctor Brackett and Roy were waiting. Chet walked along beside Johnny, the IV bag still in his hand.

Hank, Mike and Marco followed closely behind. The doors to the treatment room closed after Johnny was taken inside and placed on the examination table, leaving the three crewman alone in the corridor.

"You think he'll be alright, Cap?" Marco asked.

"I don't know, pal. I just don't know." Hank sighed, thinking back to Johnny on the hosebed of the engine, his right hand losing its hold on the HT as he lost his battle to stay conscious.

"What else could we have done?" Mike wondered.

"We did our best. John did his, too. Let's just hope it was enough."

The three men waited solemnly outside the room, their hopes strong for Johnny's survival.


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