Johnny's Repentance
By Audrey W.


Note:This picks up just after Dixie asks Johnny if he's still going to repent for his sins:

Johnny flashed a grin and kept walking with Roy and Ed Marlow, leaving Dixie to wonder what he needed to repent for. The dark-haired paramedic had learned early that the imagination could create a much better story than if the true facts were filled in. If he fessed up that his biggest sins in life so far had been stealing a pack or two of gum as a youngster and sneaking a few puffs off a cigarette as a teen, it might make him seem almost boring to a fault. Walking away with just a mischievous grin left an air of mystery that would keep his unknown past more interesting to the nurse.

'Never say more than you have to,' his dad had taught him. And by the wondering tone of Dixie's voice as they left, the advice had worked perfectly.

The End

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