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Nobody's Perfect
Marty P



“I never thought I’d see that.”  Captain Stanley stood next to Roy DeSoto as he watched Johnny Gage working on a victim.  Behind them an ambulance was pulling away with a  customer for the nearby hospital.  Captain Stanley activated his radio.  “Send another ambulance to our location.”


Roy stepped away from Hank Stanley to assist his paramedic partner.  “I’ll get vitals on the second man.” 


“Thanks,” Johnny scrambled over to the biocom and reported, “Rampart, we have a male approximately 45, suffering from an apparent heart attack.  We are administering CPR.  BP is 40 by palpation.”  Johnny caught Roy battling verbally with his victim.  “10-4, Rampart.”  Johnny jotted down the orders and began to locate the drugs he needed..


The captain stooped next to Roy.  “Go help Johnny.” 


“Thanks, Cap.”  


Roy and Johnny were a true team.  Each anticipated what the other would do or need.  In a short time, Johnny updated the base station.  “Rampart, this is County 51.  All drugs are in.  The latest vitals are:  BP is 80/50, pulse is 100 and respirations are 24.”


“Transport as soon as possible.”  Dr. Brackett responded.


Roy grabbed the receiver, “we have a second victim.  Male, 25.  Suffering from a syncopal episode.  All vitals are within the normal range and we have him on oxygen.”


“Bring him in.”  The head of Emergency Services at Rampart informed them.


An argumentative voice was heard, “I don’t need to go in!”


“Now, Brice.  If it was anyone else you would insist that they get checked out.”  Johnny said smoothly as he returned the oxygen mask to the fireman’s face.


Roy saw the frustrated look on the Craig Brice’s face.  “What happened here anyway?  I was on the other side of the building with Marco and Chet.”


Johnny put his back toward their Code I and checked the IV tubing on the first victim.  He spoke under his breath.  “As you know our perfect paramedic was recently appointed to the position of Public Information Officer.”


“Yeah, I was kinda surprised that he was willing to leave the medical aspect of his work.”  Roy commented, leaning closer to Johnny.


“Didn’t you hear?  He did that on the condition that he could do both.  They’re supposed to change the ruling soon.”  Johnny glanced back to see Brice timing his own pulse.


Roy studied the heart rhythm on the monitor and waited for Johnny to continue.   “Well, it seems our PIO was telling the media about the fire when one of the cameramen had a heart attack.”


“So he started treating him?”  Roy interjected.


Johnny heard the approaching siren of an incoming ambulance.  “Yeah, that woulda been fine except he decided he had to tell the rest of the media what he was doing after each rescue breath.”


“He fainted.”  Roy stated without surprise.


“Yup, keeled over and they’ve got it all on tape.”  Johnny rolled his eyes.


Someone tapped Johnny on the shoulder.  “Is he gonna be all right?”  A man wearing a suit coat with a station logo asked with concern.


“They’ll both be fine,” Johnny assured him. 


Roy saw the attendants approaching.  “You know they’ll broadcast that.”


“Yeah, it’ll get the public watching.  Life saver goes all out…or something like that.”  Johnny sighed, “That’s what happens to him all the time.”


“It is good press for the department.”  Roy reminded him as he lifted the cameraman’s shoulders onto the stretcher.


By now Brice decided not to make an issue about going to the hospital.  He rose under his own power and declared loudly, “I’ll be glad to ride along to lend a hand.”


After passing the patients off to the medical staff and replenishing their supplies, the two paramedics headed out to the Squad 51.  “Think he’ll ever learn he can’t do it all?  At least at the same time?”  Johnny questioned Roy as the engine started.


Roy paused, “Brice?  Hardly.  He’ll figure out a way to do it, and do it well.”


“Yeah, you’re probably right.  He’ll start carrying around a cassette that describes CPR with him from now on.”  Johnny decided and then spied a burger joint, “I hope they saved some chow for us at the station.  I’m starved!”




Could Always Be Worse
by Purry



Roy DeSoto and his captain, Hank Stanley watched as Roy’s partner, John Gage finished bandaging, seven year old, Lynn Snow’s left knee.

The little girl had fallen off her bicycle just as the squad and engine approached her on their return to the
barn.  Seeing the ’accident’ Station 51 responded.

Keeping his voice low, Hank asked Roy, “How’s he doing?”  Indicating toward Johnny with a slight nod of his head.

“Better.  He’s still a little depressed, but that’s to be expected,” Roy answered in an equally low voice.

“It’s a shame.  Seems Johnny just can’t catch a break,”  Hank replied.


“Oh, Cap, did you have to say that?”  Roy moaned.

Thinking about what he’d just said, Hank realized the pun.

“Sorry, Roy.”

“I know, it’s just that…”  Roy stopped.

“Johnny will be okay.  He’s tough.”  Cap reaffirmed.

Worrying his lower lip with his teeth, Roy nodded in agreement.  Knowing that his partner was ‘tough’ and
would eventually bounce back.

“Yeah.  It’s just that today is his first day back. He‘s been through so much the traction, the therapy.
Eight weeks, eight weeks of hell,”  Roy sighed.

Hank saw the worry on his senior paramedic’s face and decided that a little reassurance was needed.

“Like I said, he’s tough.”

“Physically I believe that but what about emotionally? What about the mental anguish he’s lived with since the accident?”

Hank looked down at the ground then back up to Roy.

“He’s tough.”

Roy nodded his head, “yeah”.

After cleaning the (as the little girl referred to it)owie and putting a band-aid over it, Lynn’s tears dried and a bright smile of hero worship graced her angelic face. 

When Johnny finished tending to the little angel, he sent her on her way with her promise to go straight home.

Gathering the supplies, he made his way over to the squad to store the box back in it’s space.  A small frown creased his handsome brow.

Opening the passenger side door, Johnny got in and waited for Roy to come and drive him to his disgrace.

Seeing that Johnny was finished with his patient, Roy and Hank both headed to their respective vehicles. 

Roy looked over at his best friend as he got behind the wheel, he could see the frown that had reappeared. As soon as Roy had mention about going to Rampart to restock the drug box, Johnny’s smile turned upside down.  This little diversion hadn’t changed the fact that they did indeed need to go to Rampart, but Roy had no doubt that his partner hoped that the necessary trip could be delayed indefinitely.

Starting the engine, Squad 51 departed for Rampart Hospital.

Watching the scenery pass by, Johnny said nothing too wound up in his misery. 

Figuring that it was time for a little pep talk with his partner, Roy contemplated how to broach the subject.

“Mmm, Johnny?”  Roy began.

Looking over at Roy, Johnny answered, “Yeah, Pally?”

“It’s gonna be okay.”

“Is it?”  Johnny sighed.

“Yes.  It’ll get easier.”


“In time.”

“Time, time..  It’s been eight weeks.  How long?  How long do I have to suffer…. I… I’m sorry, Roy.  I didn’t mean to snap at you.” 

Roy inhaled a deep breath and slowly expelled.  He knew that Johnny was at a stage when words were just that, words.  But he had to make his stubborn friend see that what happened eight weeks ago was in the past and the only way to get over it was to hold his head up high and show everyone that he was no longer susceptible to the taunts that had been his world.

“Junior, Dixie forgave you.  That’s all that matters.”

“Yeah, Dixie’s great.”

“It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks.  I know you didn’t realize you were doing it.  You were on some strong pain killers.”


“The party was a huge success and most of it’s success was because of you.  Because you cared.”


“No buts,” Roy admonished.

“You know, I was so happy when you moved the party to my room so I could be involved.  That you and everyone
wanted me to be there.  It was so overwhelming to me. Then what did I do, I ruined it, ruined Dixie‘s birthday,”  Johnny’s sorrowful moan tore at Roy’s heart.

“Johnny, you didn’t ruin anything, just a little social faux pas.  You didn’t do it on purpose, it was the drugs.”

“Yeah, sure.”


“Okay, okay, but do you know how hard it is for me to go back to Rampart.  How hard it is to be constantly
teased for my little social faux pas as you put it.”

“No.  But it ‘will’ get better,”  Roy reaffirmed his earlier statement.

“Sure, but in the meantime, I’m known as a double-dipper.  I couldn‘t help it, honest.  The chips were so big that one dip didn‘t do it.”  Johnny pleaded his case.

“I know.  Even when not under the influence of pain killers it’s hard not to double-dip,” Roy confessed to his most secret fear, to be a social double-dipper himself.

“Really, Roy.  You’re not just saying that to make me feel better?”  Johnny asked hopefully.


“Thanks, Roy.”

“You’re welcome.  Besides…”


“Just think how much worse you’d feel if you’d farted instead,”  Roy’s eyes twinkled with mirth.

The End







By:  Vanessa Sgroi


“Roy?  What the heck is the matter with them?”


“Um . . . are you sure you want to know, Cap?”


“No, but tell me anyway.”


Roy sighed.  “Well, Johnny was rushing toward me and . . . uh . . . stubbed his toe on that brick there.  He dropped the equipment.”  The blond-haired paramedic glanced at his partner, who was sitting on the ground rubbing his toe.


“That explains Gage.  What about Kelly?”


“He came around the back of the squad just in time to see it happen.  He was busy laughing so hard at Johnny, he missed seeing the open compartment door and walked into it.”


Captain Stanley now sighed and ran his hand down his face.  “And Lopez?”


“Marco was walking right behind Chet.  When Chet banged his nose into the door, he fell back and his head hit Marco’s chin.  Looks like Marco bit his lip.”


Momentarily speechless, the captain simply shook his head.


“Good thing Mike’s way over there by the engine.”


Stanley bit back a laugh.  “Any of them require a visit to Rampart?”  He gestured toward his three crewmembers.


“I don’t think so, but I’ll check.”


The two men turned to walk away.


“Twits.  I work with a bunch of twits.  Present company excepted, of course.”



*** The End ***








By Rona


“What do you think?” Captain Stanley asked Roy DeSoto as they gazed down at the scene before them.

“I really hate to say it,” Roy sighed, “but I think it’s hopeless.”

“Hopeless?” Stanley echoed. “Roy, don’t say that! I thought your motto was ‘never give up hope’.”

“It is,” Roy agreed. “But this time, there’s nothing I can do.”

“But you’re the best paramedic in the county!” Chet Kelly protested. “How can you say there’s nothing you can do?”

“I’m a paramedic, not a miracle worker,” Roy snapped. He gestured to Johnny. “Tell them,” he demanded of his partner.

Johnny looked miserable. “He’s right,” he agreed. “There’s no hope.” With a sigh, he reached out and picked up what remained of his fireman’s helmet. It was dented in several places and a large piece flapped at the back.

He looked up at Stanley. “Oh man!” he sighed disconsolately. “I’m gonna need a new helmet this time, Cap.”

The End






The Aftermath  by Rona






The Problem

By Peggy Bedingfield



“You know you should tell him,” Captain Stanley told Roy.


Roy nodded his head, “I think I’ll wait until we get to Rampart. Maybe he’ll just take it in stride since Chet won’t be around to rib him.”


“Good thinking, Pal.” Captain Stanley gave Roy a light slap on the shoulders before walking away.


Roy watched his partner as he gathered up the scattered supplies. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Roy thought in exasperation. He followed his partner to the squad and loaded the boxes of equipment into their separate compartments.


“We’re going by Rampart to reload on supplies. I already told Cap.” Roy grinned at his long and lanky partner.


“Okay, maybe we can gat a decent cup of coffee there. I don’t know what Chet made this morning, but it sure wasn’t coffee!” Johnny climbed in the squad and reached behind himself to hang his helmet on the hooks that had been installed on the shift before them.


“I like these hooks, easier to keep up with the helmets this way.”


“Well, if certain people were to quit losing their helmets during rescues....” Roy let the words trail off.


“Hey! I always get it back!” Johnny said with a grin.


“Umm hmm,” was Roy’s noncommittal reply.




Roy backed the squad into its spot and watched as Johnny practically fell from the truck in his haste to get inside the hospital.


“What’s your hurry, Junior?” Roy asked.


“HUh? Oh, uh, nothing, just wanted some coffee.” Johnny stuttered.


“Well, I need to tell you something........” Roy stared in amazement at the empty seat beside him.  With another shake of his head he went through the automatic doors and straight to the nurse’s station.


Roy saw Dixie talking with Johnny. He had a cup in one hand and the pot of coffee in the other hand. Dixie turned to speak with a teenage boy then turned back to Johnny. She motioned to him and he leaned down to let her say something in his ear.


With a sudden blush Johnny set the pot and cup down. He saw his partner and glared at him. When Roy held out his hand for the cup Johnny had been holding, he back stepped in surprise when his partner hissed at him.


“Why didn’t you tell me!”  Johnny slammed away from the desk. “I’ll be in the squad.”


Dixie raised her eyebrow at Roy, who shrugged in reply.


“I was planning on telling him once we got here. You just beat me to the punch.” Roy handed Dixie his supply list.


“Well, it probably wouldn’t have been so bad if I had noticed and no one else, but Rick noticed and asked me to tell him.” Dixie smiled to take the sting from her words.


“I suppose it could be worse.” Roy sipped from the cup Johnny had discarded.


“True, but if it happens again, tell him right away. Now you’ll have to put up with him.”


Roy gave a weary sigh. “Cap noticed at the fire, but since we were so busy, he left it to me to tell him when we slowed down.”


“Well, maybe he won’t be too hard on you.”


“Right, and the Phantom will never strike again.”


Dixie grinned at him then waved him away. “Go on and get it over with. The sooner you let him rant, the sooner you’ll have peace again.”


“True.” Roy signed for the supplies and left the area. He paused beside the squad before opening the doors and quickly stowed the supplies. He sighed and walked around to the driver’s side and slid in.


“Look, it wasn’t that bad. It could happen to anyone.” Roy said before his partner could open his mouth.


“Yeah, I know,” Johnny said, making Roy pause in surprise. “But you could have told me before Dix noticed!”


Roy thought about the teen who had told Dix and decided to keep that to himself.


“Next time you get dressed, partner, be sure to double check your pants, okay?”


“Okay!” Johnny said and began to laugh. Roy looked at his partner then joined in the laughter.


The ride back to the station was a relaxed one. Roy sighed in relief.



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