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Do We Need to Stop?
SB Fisher

The dark headed paramedic squirmed in his seat as they headed once more back to the station. It seemed like they had been on endless runs all day. As soon as they dropped off one patient, they would get called back to the field to tend to one more emergency.

He glanced over at the driver then looked out the windshield. “Hey, Roy?”


“Um, do we need to make a stop on the way back?”

Roy looked over at his junior partner. “No, not that I can think of.”

Johnny fidgeted in his seat once more. “You sure? Don’t need to get a coke, or maybe a snack? I mean, we’ve been running nonstop all morning. You must be getting hungry.”

“Nope. Not hungry.”

“I mean, surely you could use a break, take a load off for a few minutes before we get back to the station.” He was beginning to sound frantic.

Roy frowned and glanced once again at Johnny. “Johnny, all I want to do is get back to the station. I can rest, and eat, there just as well as anywhere else.”

“Are you sure?” he squeaked.

Roy sighed. He recognized the same signs his partner was displaying just as well as his own kids. “Johnny, I told you if you needed to use the restroom before we left Rampart to do so.”

AN: When my son was four, we were on a road trip and usually we would stop, gas up the car, and take advantage of the restroom. At one point, my son began to ask my husband if he needed to stop to put gas in the car. We didn’t need to stop, but he kept asking the question. I finally realized that my son was associating gas stops with potty breaks – he needed to go! SBF




New! 07/07/08

Stock Footage

By Audrey W.



"Hey, Roy?"


"You ever see one of those 'Twilight Zone' episodes where a person keeps experiencing the same thing over and over? Like they're kinda caught in a time warp sorta thing or somethin'?"

"Sure. In fact one of them was on tv the other night. "

"Well. . .you ever get the feelin' we're in one? When ever we make a left turn, seems the view out the windshield looks the same. . . even the car going past us!"






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"Called out again because of idiots with fireworks"
by mstaz


July 4, 1978

Station 51 structure fire
5359 Carson Building K

Roy do you want to bet this fire was started by fireworks?

Nah, I'm not going to take that bet Junior.

As they approach the scene they see a fully involved building.

Vince runs up to Cap telling him they had seen fireworks in the area before the fire started. He also tells him that pd has gotten everyone out of the buildings.

It quickly became an approach and drown because of a lack of firewalls between the buildings.

AN: this is based on a fire that actually happened in Toledo, OH on July 5. Five buildings were completely destroyed. It was proven to
be started by fireworks that landed on the roof of the building.





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