New! 07/07/13

Johnnyís Rant

By Purry

I donít know, Roy, I just donít know.  How do they expect the average working man to live?  I mean, itís outrageous.  Who do they think can afford to pay these prices?  Itís ridiculous, just ridiculous!  Next thing you know we will be paying to put air in our tires.  Itís ridiculous!  At this rate, food will become a commodity and toilet paper a luxury. 
Now Roy, donít look at me like that, you know Iím right.    Youíre a family man, with a wife and two kids.  Youíre gonna feel the pinch more than me and Iím already feeling it.  Paying $.39 a gallon for gas is outrageous.  If it keeps at this pace, itíll be over $5.00 a gallon someday, just you wait and see.

The End




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