New! 06/18/09

Good News!
By Firechick51


The phone rang at Station 51. Johnny Gage answered the phone with his usual chipper voice:

"Station 51, this is Firefighter John Gage."

Voice on other end of the line: "Mr. Gage this is Ed McMahon with the Publishers Clearing House."

"Yes, Mr. McMahon what can I do for you?"

"Mr. Gage, I'm calling to tell you that you've won our sweepstakes."

"Really? How much did I win?"

"You've won $25,000."

"REALLY? Hey guys, I just won $25,000!"

"Sure you did." Came the every chipper voice of Chet Kelly.

"Where do I need to come and pick up the money?"

"We'll come to you." Mr. McMahon replied. "Just give me the address to the station." Johnny gives the address and then hangs up.

"You just wait Chet. I've won $25,000. WOO HOO!"












New! 06/18/09

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