LoonE! Limericks

By Ross


 Safety First

Gage was glad he wore a helmet on his head.
Otherwise, he would surely be dead.
Cuz, when he entered the smoke-filled room,
The flaming ceiling fell--with a "BOOM!"
Firefighters go where the Devil fears to tread.


 Batting Zero

Roy's partner spoke so fast, it made his head spin.
When it came to girls, Johnny just couldn't win.
Grouched Gage, "I can't believe I just struck out--again!
Why can't women be more like men?"
DeSoto's smile graduated into a grin.


 The Phantom of the Firehouse

Gage stared disbelievingly down at the blank pages of his completed report.
Then he aimed an annoyed glare at his grinning cohort.
"Kelly, I'm gonna wring your neck! Cuz, yah know what I think?
That pen you gave me was full of invisible ink!"
Chester B. rose from his seat and began to retreat. "Ahhh...C'mon, John...Be a sport!"



The Other Woman

Mike Stoker smiled, and just continued to stare
At the freshly-polished firetruck that was parked there.
The Engineer had two loves in his life.
One was 'Big Red'...and the other, his wife.
And, he treated them both with the same tender care.



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