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Assume that all adverbs end in -ly.

Don't limit yourself when listing body parts.
The human body is comprised of 206 bones, 4 primary tissue types, 10 major organ systems, 12 pairs of cranial nerves, various blood products and all sorts of other goodies that can be injured or otherwise abused.  Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Still scratching your head for ideas?
Here's a cool link to get you started:

Human Anatomy - Information from Answers.com

Need inspiration for medical procedures and tests?  Try this one:

Medicine Net - Procedures & Tests


1.  adverb

2.  noun, plural

3.  internal body part

4.  an adjective to describe a mood or an emotion
(e.g., happy, mournful, pensive, etc.)

5.  adjective

6.  adjective

7.  body part, plural

8.  a sound that can be produced by the human body

9.  verb that implies physical contact, past tense

10.  body part

11.  exclamation of shock, surprise or dismay

12.  body part, plural

13.  body part, plural

14.  adjective

15.  noun

16.  body part

17.  adjective

18.  body part, plural

19.  verb, present tense (ending in -ing)

20.  a type of gait or movement, present tense (ending in -ing)

21.  adjective

22.  animal, plural

23.  a fruit or vegetable

24.  a non-flammable type of liquid other than water

25.  adverb

26.  verb that implies physical contact, past tense

27.  adjective

28.  verb

29.  any room of the station

30.  noun

31.  noun, plural

32.  adjective

33.  noun

34.  adverb

35.  verb that implies physical contact, past tense

36.  body part

37.  body part, plural

38.  adjective

39.  adjective

40.  medical test or procedure

41.  medical test or procedure

42.  medical test or procedure

43.  a sound that can be produced by the human body, past tense

44.  medical test or procedure

45.  verb that implies any form of physical contact, present tense

46.  body part, plural

47.  verb, present tense

48.  noun, plural

49.  a type of liquid

50.  adverb

51.  adjective

52.  noun


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