New! (06/29/09)

New Assignment
By Firechick51

"Johnny, Roy. I just got a call HQ and they are beginning to send all paramedics through a new program," Hank told his two paramedics.

"What kind of program, Cap?" Johnny asked as he looked up at his captain. Johnny had a habit of sitting in his locker when things were bothering him or if he just wanted to be alone.

"Well, beginning with our next shift, you guys will be going to the county morgue to see this side of the job from the coroner's perspective."

"We're gonna what?" Johnny asked. "The coroner's office? Come on, Cap."

"Yeah, Cap. Why that department?" Roy asked as the color drained from his face.

"I don't know, but they did say that they were also going to be sending the police department officers through it too."

"I wonder if there will be any female officers there?" Johnny wondered.

"I heard that there will be a Sgt. Williams there and that she is one of the department's most respected officers."

"Well, then, this program can't be all that bad. I might get to practice a little mouth to mouth when she faints."

"Good luck Junior. If she's a cop, then I'm sure that she's seen more then we have."

"I can hope." Johnny replied..

"Just don't harass her, Johnny." Hank warned his young paramedic.






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