What would each Emergency! character say was his/her most memorable Christmas? Why?












Roy - the Christmas his first born child (his son, Chris, in my universe <G>) was excited about Santa Claus, at age 2 1/2. (Chris was 2 1/2, not Roy <G>)

Johnny - the last Christmas he spent with his parents, at age 19.

Marco - the Christmas when he was 6 years old and a few of his uncles pretended to be Santa and the reindeer on the rooftop Christmas Eve. He didn't find out it was them until several years later.

Chet - the Christmas he got a book about practical jokes and ended up grounded more often then not the first few months of the new year. At age 10, he just couldn't resist.

Mike - the Christmas his mom and dad gave him keys to a used car they bought him after he'd just gotten his driver's license in November. He was 16.

Hank - his first born child's first Christmas.

Dixie - Christmas in Korea during the war. It was special to gather with comrades and make the most of their celebration by singing familiar Christmas carols together and reminiscing about past Christmas's they'd spent with their friends and relatives back home. Also the few greeting cards she received were incredibly meaningful to her then and she kept them. (not sure on age)

Kel - his first Christmas as an ER doctor. He saved two lives that day and brought another into the world. He learned quickly that nothing could ever bring more joy to him at the holidays than that. (not sure on age)

Joe Early - the last Christmas he spent with his grandmother. She helped put him through medical school and meant the world to him. He was 26.

Mike Morton - the first Christmas he had an apartment of his own just after graduating from college. It was just a studio apartment, but it meant the world to him to be able to have his parents and sister over to his own place, although his mom and sister cooked the dinner. He was 23.








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