What would be some of the most humorous rescues through the run of Emergency!?


Johnny: "You're humor is in worse shape than my shoulder."



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The girdle hitting Johnny in the face

The Ice Skating Rescue

The rescue where Cap said the husband should hit the wife or mother-in-law (can't remember which) with a baseball bat

The rescue where the man's foot comes through the ceiling and his elderly mother tells Cap now she knows why they wear their helmets to protect their heads and the way Cap delivers the line "Yes Ma'am."



One is because of the interaction, the silent looks of fear passed between the guys. It's when they're called to the butcher shop because some kid got the wife's ring stuck on her finger. The husband was an ogre! Trying to keep him from learning what happened was priceless! Roy ordering salami, thereby keeping the butcher with the cleaver busy while Johnny secretly passed the ring back to the wife was hilarious!




1. Lady with her toe stuck in faucet.

2. girdle slapping Johnny

3. Woman trying to make dinner for her new boyfriend and his mother. The boys kept having to climb through her window because her door was locked and she'd be stuck somewhere in the house.

4. Guy with the ring stuck on his finger and afraid of the boss finding out.

5. The boy with his hand stuck in the gumball machine.

6. The one where the guys have to make their way across a skating rink.

7. The guy who welds himself into his art sculpture that both Chet and Johnny like.

8. The woman who plasters a guy completely. What makes it funny is the women's (Sharon Gless's) reaction to Johnny and Roy cutting him out. lol.

9. The cactus rescue.

10. The magician who isn't really in the box and Roy knows it but doesn't tell Johnny. LOL!




I have to say the lady stuck in the girdle is one of the funniest




One would have to be all those rescues of that guy who wanted to lose weight. Another would have to be the guy at the deli who got the woman's ring stuck on his finger. Then there's the one with the lady with her big toe stuck in the faucet. That's all I can remember off the top of my head right now.



Wanda CH:

One of my fav humorous rescues is the one in which the young lady can't breathe because her girdle is too tight. I totally crack up when Johnny cuts the girdle off, and it hits him in the face!

The next eppy is the one in which the guys get a call for a man who has a back injury. The injury occurred because the family dog had knocked him down. During the rescue the dog is all over Johnny, and especially Roy. Finally the dog ends up knocking Roy in the pool...totally hilarious!





A few I can think of off-hand are the "little girl" in the bathtub with her toe caught in the faucet, the girdle scene, the one with the kids whose babysitter had the anxiety(?) attack--the one where the dog hit the glass door--and the horse in the ditch rescue, where Johnny got the horse's arse while Roy pulled the other end. :) Oh, and the boy bit by Taffy the dog in "Details," where the brat turned out to be one of the kids of Johnny's finance. Surprise, Johnny!




1. Drunk in VW on fire (Girl on the Balance Beam)
2. Boy injured in Go Kart accident (Transition)
3. "Child" trapped in bathroom (Hard Hours)
4. Woman trapped in girdle (Peace Pipe)
5. Woman trapped in doggie door (Kidding)
6. Deli worker gets woman's wedding ring stuck on his finger (I'll Fix It)
7. Boy gets finger stuck in gumball machine (Peace Pipe)
8. Boy brought to Rampart after drinking v-o-d-k (Frequency)
9. Baby rabbit stuck in tuba (Wedworth-Townsend Act)
10. Dr. Early gets the hiccups (Foreign Trade)



Jen B.:

1. Girdle Rescue (Peace Pipe)
2. Woman who wraped herself in plastic (Involvement)
3. Lady stuck in her dog door. (Kidding)
4. "Ring" rescue with jealous brusier hubby (I'll Fix It)
5. Ice Skating fiasco (Insanity Epidemic)
6. Hyperventilating babysitter with 3 monster kids, and dumb dog (Limelight)
7. Man with hurt back & lovable dog (Computer Terror)
8. Bar rescue of two fighting brusers (The Mouse)
9. Dixie with hand stuck in coffee vending machine (Inferno)
10. Drama queen mother in law, no spine son, and ticked off daughter in law (Just One Of Those Days)




1. The girdle that has to be cut off the lady and it hits Johnny in the face

2. The one with Valerie's bratty kids when the boy bit the dog and it bit him back...the whole scene is a riot.

3. The girl with her toe stuck in the faucet

4. The one where the guy has the ring stuck on his finger and he's in a butcher shop that the lady (who owns the ring) and her husband own. The scene with them trying to get it off and then when the husband gets there and comes inside is hilarious.

5. The ones with the guy who is trying to lose weight and he keeps getting in messes. Johnny suggests he take up something else and the guy ends up flooding his basement.

6. The one with the dog that knocks Roy into the pool

7. The one with the kid and the store owner arguing at the gumball machine.

8. The first couple of calls to the apartment where the couple is 'Fair Fighting'



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