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All For One

By Audrey W.


“Hey, John. How’s Roy?” 

Dressed in a white t-shirt and red boxers, John Gage stopped in his effort to quietly make it to his bed without disturbing the rest of the crew. He looked from where he now stood at the end of a brick divider  in the dorm room, to Chet Kelly across the aisle. The fireman was sitting up in bed, his concerned face visible in the dimly lit room.  

“He’s gonna be okay, Chet. He’s gonna be okay.” 


John nodded. “Yeah.” 

“Good. I was really worried after we pulled him outta that house fire when he fell through the floor.” 

“I know.” 

The dark-haired paramedic cracked a slight grin. Not only because he could deliver the good news about his partner’s condition, but also because with Chet being a known prankster around the station, it always seemed to mean more when his serious side of concern for either of the paramedics was on display.  

Also lying awake and waiting for word, Mike and Marco expressed their relief as well. Captain Stanley informed Gage a replacement for Roy would be in by three o’clock in the morning. Being the middle of the night, it wasn't going to take as long than it sometimes would in the daytime for a substitute paramedic to arrive since it was obviously easier for the department to get a hold of someone not out and about. In the meantime, they could all use some rest.  

“G’night,” John said as he continued onto his bed.  

Once in it, he lay on his left side as he eyed Roy's empty bed beside his.  

See ya in the morning, partner

Thanks to Chet’s and the others’ quick actions, as well as his own expertise and that of the staff at Rampart, he would.       









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