The Patient

By Ocean






Dear Readers,


Been wondering what happened to Johnny after he returned home from prison after you read the story, ďThe PrisonerĒ? Well, hereís your chance to find out. This is the sequel. While itís not absolutely necessary to read The Prisoner, it would be quite helpful in understanding the nuances of this story.


A small warning: this is novel length, somewhere around 360 pages, not intended to be breezed through in one sitting. If you love Johnny (and Roy) angst, but especially Johnny, this story is for you.


But itís best consumed in small quantities over a period of time rather than gobbled down all in one sitting. Trust me. Itís quite heavy. And I wouldnít want you to get bloated.   So sit back, and digest very slowly. Take lots of breaks. Youíll need them. As always, would love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy, and I hope you find this tasty!





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