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NEW! 2/11/05


Cap: Johnny, we really need to talk about your habit of talking with your mouth full.




NEW! 2/11/05



CAP: "Ya know something, Gage, you are the only
one who genuinely likes my wife's meatloaf
sandwiches. I just can't figure it out."



"What's In A Name?"
by Ross

"John...I don't know how ta tell yah this. But, that box of pastries you've been raiding isn't what it appears to be.
Yah see...a new store just had its 'Grand Opening' in our neighborhood mall and my wife got the brainy idea ta buy
some 'special' treats for our dog. Seems Muffy stuck his nose up at them. So-o, she had me bring them here...for Henry. That Bismark you've just bitten into came from 'BEV'S BOW-WOW BAKERY'. That's right, pal. You've been dunking 'doggie doughnuts' all morning."

"Oh yeah? Humph...must'a read the WOW upside down. I thought they were from someone's MOM. It's a shame, cuz they're actually pretty good. Way too good for a do-og."







"You know, John, they say 'you are what you eat'"

Johnny stopped mid-bite to look at his boss, contemplating

his comment  and the turkey sandwich he'd been eating.




"Okay, John. Let's go over this one more time. Sit up straight when you're
eating, keep your elbows off the table, don't chew with your mouth open and
for Pete's sake, don't talk with your mouth full. If you don't...well, do
the words 'permanent latrine duty' ring a bell?"




Liz T.:

"John, that's your tenth hot dog. A little hungry, are we?"

"It's a bet, Cap. Chet said no one could eat as many hot dogs as that guy in the paper."

"So you're trying to prove him wrong?"

"Yessir. Excuse me, I have to start on eleven."



Peggy B.:

Cap: Johnny, that's MY sandwich, you twit!

Johnny: Uh, it is? <Looks at sandwich> Uh, sorry, here, you can have it.

Cap: Not after you've taken a bite!

Johnny: heh, heh, sorry Cap.





Captain Stanley: "Is that mold on there I see?"


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