Pondering the Details

(an add on. . .sort of)


By Audrey W.







This takes place a few weeks after Valerie dumped John Gage for a lawyer. . .



Seated at the table in the dayroom at Station 51, John Gage sighed as he rested his cheek on the palm of his right hand.


“Ya know, Roy, I think I have it figured out.”


Not sure what his partner was referring to, Roy Desoto casually questioned as he grabbed a carton of milk from the refrigerator, “Have what figured out?”


Gage sat back in his chair. “The situation with Valerie, that's what.”


Roy set the container on the counter nearby as he turned in surprise.


“You’re still on that? I thought that was over with when she went with the lawyer instead of you.”


“It was. And it is. I just kinda wondered where exactly I went wrong, that’s all. And I think I have it figured out.”


DeSoto couldn’t believe what he was hearing. After all, Johnny had wanted out of his engagement to Valerie when he found out she had three bratty children. Though he hated being dumped by such a pretty girl, for a lawyer no less, he had come to realize how lucky he was to be off the hook. Free from instant fatherhood to those little kids no matter how it came about. Or so Roy had thought.


“If it’s over, why does it even matter anymore? Besides, I thought you'd finally agreed getting engaged after just knowing her three days was a bad idea.”


“Well, yeah. . .I did. . .and I still do. But there's more to it than that.”


The senior paramedic poured himself a glass of milk, then put the carton of it away. As he took a seat next to Gage, his drink in hand, he asked, “Okay, so what did you figure out?”


“That I broke rule number one,” he shrugged.


“Come again?”


You know. Never get emotionally involved with a patient. Guess now we know what can happen if we do.”


Roy rolled his eyes. His partner was right in one aspect, Valerie had been a victim they’d treated after she was struck by a car and getting romantically involved with her had proved to be a big mistake for Johnny. But apparently he’d have to remind Gage on the details of how it all came about. After all, she’d put the moves on him. Not the other way around. Johnny couldn’t help it if he was an easy target for a pretty face. He’d also have to remind the bachelor that he was a happily married man, so that ‘we’ needed to be changed to an ‘I’.




This was inspired by the episode 'Brushfire', when after they reunite a boy with his dog, Johnny reminds Roy: rule number one, never get emotionally involved with a patient.






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