The episode 'Problem' was written by Preston Wood.



This takes place after the engine crew and paramedics returned to Station 51 and awhile after Roy plopped the two coins down on the hood of the squad, joking with Johnny . . . 



Problem Solved?

An added on scene to the episode ‘Problem’ 


 By Audrey W.




Having taken a much needed shower, Roy DeSoto stepped out and wrapped a white bath towel around his waist, covering his lower body.


John Gage had been waiting near the lockers across from the shower for his turn to clean up.  With Roy now out, he pulled off his white undershirt, his red boxer shorts still on for the moment.


Roy’s eyes widened at the black and blue bruising in the center of Johnny’s chest.


“When did you do that?”




The senior paramedic motioned toward the fairly large area of discoloration.


“The bruising. Where’d it come from?”


“Oh.” Johnny looked down a moment, then at Roy again. “That’s from when we rescued that guy from the bull. I was gonna get in the squad, but he pulled the door shut before I had a chance. So I rode out on the side, remember?”


Roy nodded.


“Well, I kinda bumped against the side mirror a coupla times when we hit a few rough spots as we were driving out.”


“You must’ve ‘bumped’ against it pretty hard.”


“Sorta- - I mean, I felt it, that’s for sure.”


Roy frowned, his brows furrowed.


“Whatsa matter?” Johnny asked. He waited a moment, his eyes following his partner as DeSoto stepped over to the lockers. But he didn’t need a reply to know the answer. “Oh, c’mon, Roy. It’s just a simple bruise. Look,” he added, pressing on it with on his right hand. “It hardly even hurts now.” He had to suppress a grimace, as it was sorer than he wanted to let on.


“Yeah but I was so caught up in my own problem--”


“And it was a big one,” Gage interrupted. “You should’ve been.” He stepped over to Roy, placing a hand on his shoulder. “It’s not a big deal, man.” Removing his hand, he added, “Why’re you so worried about it?”


“We’re supposed to be looking out for each other. . .in any situation.”


“And we were. We did pretty well together runnin’ from that bull when he charged,” the younger man stated with a grin.


“I guess we did.” A slight smile played on his lips as Roy recalled them making a quick dash for the fence, hopping over it as they scrambled to safety.


Johnny nodded. “Uh huh. And you couldn’t see me while you were driving the squad out of the pen once I stood up more. I had my helmet in one hand on the backside of the mirror and my other hand was on the mount; I was out of your view. Plus I didn’t say anything to ya about it because it just wasn’t worth bringin’ up.”


Roy eyed him a moment. “Boy, you sure have been full of reason lately.”


“Someone has to be,” Gage teased.


“You sure you’re okay?”


“I’m positive.”  He stepped out of his boxers and wrapped a white bath towel around his waist, then headed for the shower stall. “Besides, I’ll make sure you have plenty of chances to make up for it when my life’s hangin’ in the balance and I need your help.”


A look of concern flashed across DeSoto’s face as his partner went about his business of getting in the shower.  


When he turned around to shut the door after removing his towel, Johnny noted the expression still on the other man’s face. “Roy, I’m kiddin’. I’m just kiddin’ around. Relax.” Closing the door behind him, he muttered, “Sheesh, you’d think I really had a tendency to get into trouble or somethin’ . . .”


Meanwhile, Johnny’s comment playing over in his mind, Roy still wondered what was ahead of him now that he’d decided to stay at Station 51 as a paramedic.


He’s already gotten seasick, twisted his knee, got overexposed with radiation, slapped in the face with a girdle, and could barely walk after riding a horse . . .now this. . .


He eyed the shower door that hid his partner from view.


He may have been kidding, but something tells me it’s a good thing I decided to stick around.




Author's note: I LOVE the ending to this episode, but wanted to address what went on in the scene with the guys driving out of the bull pen.  :o)




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