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NEW! 03/06/07

Is Your Name OSCAR?
by Purry


“Well, I’m glad that’s over with,” Johnny said, as he turned off the TV and helped the rest of the A-shift clean-up the popcorn and soft drink bottles.

“I don’t know why movies that I would never go see win most of the Oscars, with exception to, “The Godfather”, now that’s a great movie but those other nominees,” Gage’s rant continued.

Four of the crew agreed with Johnny’s analogy .

Roy agreed to disagree.

“Well Junior what film do you consider Oscar worthy?”

Johnny hesitated only a second, “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex and Were Afraid to Ask”.







Stinking Rich
by Purry


Could Kelly ’not’ realize how bad he smelled. How an unusual ninety degree temperature on New Year's Day could affect the way something not so bad, smell down right rancid?

The smell was horrific, usually a welcome treat but not today. Sure cooked, the smell could knock you off your feet, yet, it was tasty. Even raw it could be pleasant to the palate. But after today I think I’ll swear off any further consumption.

Wrapping a piece of cabbage into his wallet to ensure it would never be empty throughout the coming year would only ensure a new wallet.






by Purry

The light was red. Then green. The Land Rover moved slowly toward the intersection, barely pressing the gas

peddle. A flash of white invades his peripheral vision, reflexes take over. Brakes squall, tension mounts,

crunching sounds fill the early afternoon. A sudden jolt to the right. Realization dawns, east was the intended destination, but the Rover was now facing north.

Dazed reality, a deep breath, searching, searching. 

Two people, a couple, walking toward him. A dented white Cadillac fifty feet away.


“Are you all right?”

A self inventory says yes.

“I’m okay, I’m okay. I’m okay.”






(A Double Drabble)

Johnny Gage's Birthday Thoughts
by Purry


Well today was my first birthday since I joined up with Station 51.  Twenty-four years old now, man how
time sure does seem to fly.  It seems that just yesterday I was twenty-three.  Okay, okay, I know that
was a bit lame but I couldn't not say it. 

Well anyway, the guys were terrific.  I never would've guessed that they would go to the trouble of cake and presents.  I'm not use to such displays, not that I'm
not grateful. 

The cake was my favorite, chocolate with chocolate fudge frosting, baked by Joann, Roy's wife and all the
guys went together and got me a gift.  

Man what a day.  Even  the Phantom gave me a break, Chet said every pigeon needs one day a year to call his own.  Nice guy, huh.

The cake would've been enough, but those guys went out and spent their hard earned money on me, buying 'me' a gift.  I was so touched knowing they liked me 'that' well to go to the bother.  WOW!

I appreciated the gift, but I'm still a little bumfuzzeled with what they got me.  Why on Earth do
they think I need an industrial size first aid kit?






Higher and higher, climbing, encircling his throat. Slowly tightening, stopping all air, causing the lungs to explode from lack of oxygen.

John Gage sat up gasping, trying to catch his breath.

"Oh, man," John mumbled.

Taking deep breaths to calm his nerves, Johnny began to relax. The nightmare had seemed so real.

Sighing, he snuggled down to get some much needed sleep but as soon as he closed his eyes, an image of Fred Mertz came to mind. Next he saw himself as an old man with his pants riding high and his belt slowly tightening around his neck.




Johnny wiped his brow as a trickle of sweat trailed from his hairline. Sighing, he looked up at the
destruction that such a simple and unassuming act could execute.

Eight vehicles of various makes and models littered the 405.

As luck would have it, all involved in the multi-car accident were treated for only minor injuries, the
worse being a broken middle finger, not even caused by the accident, but by belligerence.

Roy DeSoto walked over to where his partner sat on the bumper of the squad.

"Roy, can you believe all this happened because of a sneeze," Johnny mused.





"God bless you," Roy, Hank, Marco, Chet and Mike said in unison.

Johnny blew his nose then cleared his throat and said, "Thanks."

Once again, Johnny sneezed.

"Gage, do I need to call in a replacement?" Cap asked.

"I'm all right. It's just allergies," then continued to sniffle.

"When someone has a cold, why does only one nostril at a time tend to get clogged. Come to think of it,

why do we need two nostrils in the first place?" Johnny questioned.

Five men responded to Johnny's imponderable with, "I thought you said it was allergies!"




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