As Quiet as a…?


Audrey W.



“A mouse?”                                                                                                                                                   


“Why not?” Johnny asked Roy defensively.


“For one thing, your landlady doesn’t allow pets.”


“She’s making an exception. A mouse has a small cage and is quiet,” Johnny explained.


“A turtle’s quiet and stays confined. Why not a turtle?”


“A turtle? Roy, they’re boring. A mouse plays and runs in a wheel. You should’ve seen ‘em in the pet store.”


“I’ll bet,” Roy said sarcastically. “What’d you name your quiet roommate?”


Johnny grinned. “Mickey.”


Roy rolled his eyes. “Mickey? That’s original.”


“Hey,” Johnny said, a hurt look on his face. “I’ve always wanted a mouse named Mickey. It’s cute.”


“So does Mickey do all you thought he would?”


“Actually, I didn’t get a wheel yet. They weren’t in stock. But I’m gonna get one tomorrow after work.”


Roy couldn’t keep the smirk off his face. “Good luck.”






The next night Johnny lay in bed listening to the squeak, squeak of the wheel as Mickey played. He got out of bed, went into the kitchen,

 and opened the cage door. Sighing, Johnny tipped the wheel on its side.


“Sorry, pal,” Johnny said to Mickey, closing the cage door.


“Wonder what turtles cost?” Johnny mumbled, closing the bedroom door.








This story was inspired (if you want to call it that. lol) by one of our mice, Martin, who never would stop running in the wheel the first day

we got it until my husband finally went and laid the wheel on it’s side. We figured he would run himself to death. He’s since mellowed,

and we’ve grown accustomed to the squeaky wheels both mice use.  ;o)