Below are an assortment of fun questions to be answered for the characters of Emergency!

*Many thanks to Liz T. for these






If you could fall in love for the first time, forgetting every other love you have ever had, would you?


Johnny - *snort*, *shrug*, "Sure. Why not?"

Roy - "I don't think so. Joanne and I have our moments, but we've got a good marriage. Now, if you ask me about trading away in-laws. . ."

Chet - "Heck, yeah."

Marco - (to Johnny and Chet) "I can't believe you guys." To which they respond: "Well, what about you? What would your answer be?" Marco doesn't know what to say. :o)

Captain Stanley - "Not on your life."

Mike is out polishing the engine, his love of his life at the moment. :o)



If you joined the circus, what would your act be?


Johnny - Anything but a lion tamer. I had *my* fun in the lions' den on a rescue.

Hank - Ringmaster. Lord knows I've had enough practice.

Chet - Anything that doesn't have to deal with clowns. *shudder* I hate clowns.

Mike - Drive one of the trailers from location to location. . .(when he gets a look of disbelief from the others) - Hey, behind the wheel is where I feel at home.

Roy - Lighting the fuse to send someone flying out of a cannon (glances at his partner Johnny with a smirk)

Marco - A clown. (shoots a devious grin Chet's way). . .



If you knew you'd be stranded on a desert island for a year, what three things would you bring with you? (Let's presume basic food and water would be available on the island.)

Liz T:

I think Mike would bring a book, definitely. You'll notice that he's reading quite a bit at the station. Maybe a radio to listen to music. And something to tinker with, an invention or engine.

Chet would bring a joke book to study so he'd be ready when he got back to civilization. He would also bring his fly shoe invention to walk up palm trees. He'd want a girl as well.

Roy would bring a photograph of his family, he wouldn't bring them because he wouldn't want Joanne and the kids to be put through all that. He'd probably bring a journal to write what happened over the year he was there. Roy would have a book telling what was safe and what was not with the native plants.

Marco would bring spices to cook with and some good cooking paraphernalia. I don't know what else.

Cap would bring an extensive first aid kit and a book to study for the Chief's exam.

Strangely enough, Johnny is the one I can't think of anything for.


Johnny - a camera with lots of film (he figures he can develop it when he's rescued), and a couple of LA Rams cheerleaders <G>

Roy - pictures of his family, a thick novel and a huge crossword puzzle



What was the best Christmas gift you ever got as a child?



Wanda CH:

 Mike....obviously a fire engine

 Roy, a set of cowboy guns and hat.

 Johnny...a rocking horse that he loved until he could no longer ride it.

 Marco...a Superman costume that he swore he would never take off. (His poor mom....)

 Cap...oddly enough a policeman's outfit that he just loved. He always saw himself as an officer.

 Chet...a joke book that he used on everyone he knew.


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