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The Easy Way Out Isn't Always Simple  by Audrey W.









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And. . .?

By Audrey W.





February 2, 1974



John Gage pushed open the swinging door from the apparatus bay and peeked into the locker room, where his partner Roy DeSoto was in the process of getting dressed for duty. The dark-haired paramedic had just heard some news he couldn’t wait to share.


“Hey, did ya hear? The groundhog saw his shadow this mornin’.”


With his left foot placed up on the edge of his open locker as he tied his shoe, Roy looked over his shoulder at the younger man.




“Uh huh. You know what that means. Six more weeks of winter.”


“And what exactly does that mean for us?”


John gave it a moment of thought.


“Bein’ that we live in a rather fair weather area, I guess it means more pleasant temperatures and perfect days for the beach before it gets hotter.”


Roy lowered his foot to the floor and turned to face Gage. “Thanks for the warning. Sure would hate to be unprepared for that.”


“Sure,” the other shrugged. “Sure. Glad to be of help,” he quipped.


He pulled back, letting the door close in front of him as he stared at the floor in puzzlement and feeling a little deflated in spirit.


Well, it *seemed* like it was big news five minutes ago. . .








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