Station 127 (aka Station 51) Visit

November 23, 2008

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The kitchen area

The dayroom end - TV is a little bigger, eh? :o)

Pictures in the dayroom/kitchen

Dedication for the show in the apparatus bay




From the rear lot, we're just inside with our escorts.

The sinks are the same! :o)

Our fire fighter escort with Sammi and

 Jill Hargan, near *guess whose* (sometimes, huh? <G>) locker

   Jill in the dorm room. Some cubicles have     desks across from beds. They were airing 

     out mattresses.




A map on the dorm side of the bay

THE map near the captain's office.

Fire hydrant out front - Chuck kind of got carried away taking pictures. :o)

The station front as more visitors arrive.




Part of the Quint truck

Gear in a back seat

Sammi and Jill, Audrey and her 'independent' teenager Chelsea





The station, a diesel fuel tank is behind

the 'garden wall'.

Alongside the Quint truck, the dorm and latrine entrances to the left.

The bay on the dayroom/office/closets side

My husband Chuck and Jill beside the Quint, just outside the dorm






Plaque  in honor of  


   Robert A. Cinader

Pictures in the captain's office

Looking between the Quint and other trucks




The back of the Quint

The girls got to climb up into the Quint.




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