Stories by Lizabeth S. Tucker

Guilty Heart

Alternate ending to "Helpful".

 Roy holds a grudge that could

 lead to the breakup of his partnership...or worse.

Captains Three




One Lonely Night 

Johnny wonders about his life.




Draggin' the Line

A Letter from Marco entry.  Marco tells his aunt about the new Station 51 crew.


Moments Like This

Missing scene from "Surprise".  What happened between the explosion and Johnny's appearance at Rampart?

Puppy Power

A Letter from Marco entry.  Marco's look at "The Mascot".



Near Misses

An alternate ending to the episode *An English Visitor*




Serpent's Snare

A Letter from Marco entry.  Marco writes to his Aunt Connie while waiting for word on Johnny's condition from "Snake Bite".


Kissin' Cousins

You never know who might be

part of your Family Tree.


Rescued by Angels

A typical call from the view of the victim.


The Secret  

Jennifer DeSoto simply has to tell her Uncle Johnny a deep dark secret about her Mommy.


Have a Very Happy Holiday

Roy is feeling the stress of the holidays and an inability to have quality time with his wife until one of Santa's more unusual elves has an idea.

What Are You Doing on New Year's Eve?

A main character dies.



East Side Story

A family get-together at Rosaria Lopez's house turns violent.


That Inner Glow

A story that follows the ep "Hang-Up"


Revenge is Sweet

Revenge makes for strange bedfellows and stranger friendships.

Headaches and Pain Relievers

Even Hank Stanley has his limits.


No Time

Johnny has to think quick to

save a schoolyard of children.


Calling All Angels

Did you ever wonder what life

 is like for Johnny's Guardian Angel?

Blinded by the Light

A child's toy almost seals Cap's fate.


Cap's Story

Sometimes a favor can have enormous repercussions.



The Ride-Along

An observer's view of the men of Station 51.

The Paramedic Tango

Johnny dances?



An alternate ending to 'Inheritance Tax'

The Long Weekend

Chet Kelly’s weekend of snow skiing turns into a nightmare.


Post Halloween Blues

Johnny is feeling down, but Roy has just the solution.

The Last Farewell

Roy witnesses a shooting and

 is marked for death.

Makin' Whoopee 

 Chet has a special costume.



A protest is received over Station51's Halloween display.


The Question

 Johnny asks Joanne what is

 wrong with him? 


The Miracle of Christmas

 Chet and Johnny are trapped in the middle of a fire.


Life Choices

  Johnny speaks of the future

while fishing with Roy.


Life Choices II

 Sequel to Life Choices.  Roy asks Joanne if she'd rather he was in another line of work.


January Picture Story

February Picture Story

Seeing Green

Johnny develops an allergy to St. Patrick's Day.

April Picture Story


Only You

Johnny's late to work, but he has a strikingly good excuse.

May Picture Story


Johnny considers respect. A dialog story.

Captains Three


Emergency! title challenge response


The next three stories are a series:


Never Forget

How did Roy and Joanne hear

about the attacks on 9/11?

Home at Last
(Sequel to "Never Forget")

Johnny is on his way home.


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

(Sequel to "Home at Last")



The next three stories are a series:


Only One Promise 

Joanne and Johnny meet for the first time and she asks only one

 thing from him.

The Fire

Roy and Johnny are cut off during

a brushfire.

There's A Hero 

Johnny reveals his hero during an award ceremony.



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