What might be each Emergency! character's favorite thing to do on a hot summer day?




Johnny: Go to the beach, to check out all those hot babes in bikini's..
Roy: Play in the sprinklers with his kids, having Johnny join them if he doesn't hook up with a chick at the beach.
Chet: Have a couple of cold ones at the local Irish Pub
Marco: Have a get together with his family sitting under the shade trees at the park.
Mike: Stay in the AC at home, reading his engineer's manuels, updating himself on the latest techniques.
Cap: Sitting in his back yard, by the pool, with a tall glass of ice tea

Dixie: Sit by the pool at her apartment complex, getting some sun.
Joe: Stay in the AC at his home, playing the piano
Kel: Where else, he's at Rampart, (Never takes a day off)
Morton: He's at Rampart too, trying to impress Brackett.....



Liz T.:

Johnny - hiking in the cooler mountains
Roy - splashing in the backyard above ground pool he put up for the kids and working through the indoor parts of Joanne's Honey-Do list
Marco - playing on a soccer team
Chet - hanging out at his apartment complex pool to oogle the girls
Mike - hiking with Johnny and volunteering as soccer ref for Marco's league
Hank - staying indoors as much as possible where it's air conditioned doing his Honey-Do list
Kel - riding horses in the hills
Dixie - singing at a local club
Joe - playing piano as accompanist for Dixie
Brice - working with Habitat for Humanity.








Hank - Sitting at home enjoying the peace indoors
Mike - Going to the beach and playing with the dune buggy
Marco - A little yard work and then the beach
Chet - Hanging out at the Mall watching girls
Roy - Taking the family to the park or beach for a picnic and swim
Johnny - Just being outdoors and enjoying nature







Wanda CH:


Johnny: Go for a horseback ride
Roy: Take Joanne ane the kids to the park for a picnic
Chet: Hang out at the beach to check out the chics
Mike: Take out the dune buggy and pick up chics
Cap: Take his wife & kids to a carnival
Marco: Have a bar-b-que for family
Dixie: Go to the beach and tan, then go shopping
Kel: Set in his easy chair and watch a fave movie
Joe: Go to a piano concert
Morton: Go dancing with friends and forget about the hospital.










Johnny - getting away from the city and camping out/hiking, taking pictures at times.
Roy - work on his pottery or take the kids to a public pool with his wife Joanne
Mike Stoker - driving his dune buggy around on a sandy beach
Chet - going to a theater to see a cheesy horror movie, preferably with a date.
Hank- relax in his house.
Marco - what can I say? The man's a mystery. :o)



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