If the game show 'Deal or No Deal' was around in the 1970's, which Emergency! character would go on it? Who would he/she take as the three support members and what amount would he/she make a deal with? Would the character win big or lose it all and go home with a penny?




Wanda CH:

Roy would be the contestant with Joanne, Joanne's mom (who decided that she had to go on the show) and Johnny as his three support members. Roy would be hesitant once the amount got over $50,000.00, but Joanne coaxes him, along with Johnny and he continues until he finally makes it home and ends the deal with $100,000.00. He decides to do some home improvements and take the family on a vacation, then save the rest.





I can so see Chester B. as a contestant. He'd bring along his Mom, his Captain and Marco. He'd end up selling his case for $495,000.00 and they would open it to discover that he had the million dollars, all along.


Liz T.:

I think Chet would definitely go on this one and he'd bring Marco, Johnny and his sister as support. I think he'd probably cave once the offer got over $50,000, especially in 1970 dollars! If he did give in, I think he'd find out he had the best deal. Johnny would be pushing him to go all the way, Marco would want him to make the first decent deal that the banker proposed, and his sister would be cracking jokes and not giving her opinion as to whether he should deal or no deal.



I think Johnny, Chet and Marco would all agree to split the money ONE of them won. They then would need to decide who would play and who would support. Johnny wouldn't trust Chet and Chet wouldn't trust Johnny, so Marco would be the one to play. He'd take them as his support, plus his mom. :o)

I think he'd get help from Johnny and Chet on picking numbers, they'd hit a lot of big ones first, but still have the million in play. Toward the end, they'd get an offer of $380,000 with just four amounts left (including the million, but the rest would all be small amounts)...Johnny and Chet would tell Marco to take it. He would agree to deal, then it would be revealed that he had the million all along. They'd walk out with Johnny and Chet blaming each other for telling him to deal. :o)


*Note: Deal or No Deal can be seen on Monday and Thursday evenings on NBC. You also can play an online version at nbc.com   There are also four game varieties available in stores.  :o)


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