If there were all the varieties of flavored candy canes back in the 1970's like there are today, what would be each Emergency! character's favorite flavor? Who might prefer traditional peppermint?






Hank: Cinnamon, for anyone who can man a crew like his, has to love the spice life has to offer.

Roy: Cherry, he has a hidden 'sweet' side. Besides, Joanne got him hooked on them the long nights he sat up assembling toys for Christmas morning.

Johnny: Now, you might expect him to go for the wild, exotic flavors, but he goes for the traditional, simply because 'my mom always put a huge, peppermint candy cane stick in my stocking every year.'

Marco: Since they don't make chili flavored candycanes, he secretely likes the watermelon flavor. if he can't have spice, he'll thrill his mouth with something sour.

Mike: Just last year, he discoverd his passion. A candycane flavored like a fireball, The bite reminded him of 'Big Red,' it packs a punch.

Chet: The incurable chocolate fiend. His discovery of chocolate flavored candy canes sent him into a sugary bliss.



Jen B:

Johnny: Spearmint (green & white) cause it's a refreshing taste and it freshens the breath for kissing all those chicks...

Roy: Traditional pepperment candycane...Roy loves to go with tradition.

Cap: Apple flavor, cause that's Cap's favorite fruit...

Mike: Cherry flavor, it's red and that's Mikes favorite color

Marco: Lemon, likes the sour taste....gets the tastbuds going for other foods..

Chet: Chocolate flavor, it's one way to eat "chocolate" without getting it in his mustache.




Cap - Traditional


Mike - Blueberry

Marco - Salsa

Chet - Chocolate


Roy - Peach

Johnny - Mint Chocolate




Johnny - Blueberry ( I think of blue when I think of Gage)

Roy - Hot To-male (It's a given)

Cap - Horehound (Well)

Chet - peppermint (Sweet memories from childhood)

Mike - pineapple (Dreaming of Hawaii)

Marco - cinnamon (Hot and red)



Liz T.:

Roy and Mike would go for the original peppermint.

Marco would choose the jalepeno.

Chet would like bubblegum or tutti-frutti or, if he could slip it to Johnny, sour patch style.

 Hank would like lemon.

 And Johnny would try them all, making himself sick.



Hank -- Traditional mint

Roy -- Green apple

Johnny -- Chocolate mint

Marco -- Cinnamon

Chet -- Grape

Mike -- Wintergreen

Dr. Brackett -- Cherry

Dixie -- Blueberry

Dr. Early -- Traditional mint

Dr. Morton -- Chocolate




Johnny - Bubblegum (just because he looked so cute chewing it in the ep *Kidding*)

Roy - Traditional Peppermint due to family tradition

Chet - Butter Toffee

Marco - Traditional Peppermint

Captain Stanley - Chocolate Mint (soothing to suck on while doing his paperwork)


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