If any characters from Emergency! had a t-shirt with a saying on it, what would it say?




Hank - I'm the Boss
Mike - Engineers do it with style
Marco - Latin Lover
Chet - Chick Magnet
Roy - My kid went on a fieldtrip and all I got was this lovely t-shirt
Johnny - Got Medic?




Jen B:

All worn by the guys at the annual fireman's picnic, summer of 1975.

Cap: #1 Captain
Roy: Worlds Greatest Dad (Roy's kids)
Johnny: Worlds Greatest Uncle (yep, Roy's kids)
Chet: Barbwire Convention Yuma, AZ 1974
Marco: Latino Hosejockey
Mike: Engineers drive the BIG ones!




Wanda CH:

Chet: You Sank My Battleship
Mike: I'm Ok, You're OK
Cap: Someone else is in charge today
Marco: Someone took my pet rock
Roy: Someone take my kids...please
Johnny: Cowboy!
Dixie: Excellent to the max
Kel: Dr. of the Year
Early: Streaking...A sport for the decades!
Morton: Jive Turkey





Johnny - Skinny but tough
Roy - World's Best Dad (given to him by his kids for Father's Day)
Chet - I must hurry and catch up with the others, for I am their leader. (Johnny saw it and couldn't   

        resist buying it for his 'buddy')
Marco - 'Hot and spicy' - with steam rising up off the words






Cap: Because I'm the Captain, that's why.