Each character of Emergency! needs at least one item that they just discovered they don't have for something they are about to do or make. What is the item and what do they need it for?






My first thought was Johnny buying a house for the first time and needing a lawn mower to cut his lawn.

 And knowing Johnny, he'd remember he needs the thing after mucking about for a few weeks, then finding his lawn is WAY too long.


Roy and Johnny are working on a victim, Johnny reaches to his pocket to remove his green pen and finds it missing.

Hank gets ready to go to work, remembers he was supposed to fix something on his car the day before (something that would make it

 dangerous to drive if not fixed), so he has to drive his wife's Edsel into work or have her drive him into work


Mike gets to the station and realizes he forgot his wallet, with his driver's license inside.







Johnny - he no sooner gets in the shower and sudsed up ..is ready to wash his hair when he realizes the shampoo bottle is empty.

Roy - is all set to shave before work and picks up the can of shaving cream only to remember it's empty

Johnny (again) - he goes to the Laundromat to do his clothes, then discovers his wallet is empty of any money.


Johnny goes camping, gets everything set up and when it's time to light the fire later that evening, discovers he forgot matches.

Chet, Roy and Johnny go on a weekend fishing trip out of town and realize they don't have any bait.

Mike Stoker drives his dune buggy to the beach and as it comes to a stop along the way, he discovers he's out of gas.

Roy gets to the vet, where his dog is due for annual shots, then realizes he didn't bring the dog.

 (Can anyone else see the look on his face when he opens the back door of their station wagon and the back seat is empty?)






Wanda H.:

Johnny sits down to watch his new fangled TV that comes with a remote and realizes he lost the remote.



Liz T.:

Marco is making a complicated dish and realizes that he is missing some essential spices.

Chet, aka the Phantom, is setting up a complicated trap for his Pigeon and has to hold the trap in place with thread.

Except he doesn't have enough thread and is stuck holding the trap in place.



Peggy B.:

Marco realizes he hasn't any chili pepper while making chili and it's already cooking.

Chet realizes he forgot where he hid a waterbomb, until he finds it.




Johnny's sick with a bad cold and is ready to get all bundled up in bed when he realizes he is completely out of both cold medicine and aspirin.

Captain Stanley gets ready to make his famous clam chowder and assembles all of ingredients,

but realizes that he forgot to buy the most important ingredient--the clams!

Roy goes to fix a broken porch step, only to discover that his kids were playing with and hid his tools.






Jen B.


Johnny: Finally gets the raven haired beauty to go out to dinner with him,

buys delicious steak dinners for two, and when the tab comes, he realizes he forgot his wallet.

Chet: Sets up the perfect waterbomb for his favorite pigeon, but when he sees it go off,

it's not Johnny it gets, but rather Chet as he put it in his own locker by mistake.





The Phantom is has set-up several water bomb traps through-out the station for his Pigeon.

 All is well with the plan until he realizes the water has been turned off because of a water leak. Hence, no water for the water bombs.

The Phantom has been Phantomed.

Brice attends a paramedic meeting and realizes he forget his Roberts Rules of Order handbook.









Captain Stanley gathers the guys together for morning roll call and then realizes he doesn't have his clipboard


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