It's a slow day for calls and the guys at Station 51 are bored and want to snack....what does each one crave?

(keep 1970s food in mind) :o)



New! 9/03/07

Liz T:

Chet - Screaming Yellow Zonkers

(tasted like packing material to me, but they had a cool ad series and a nifty black box with yellow lettering)

Mike - Jiffy Pop

Roy - HoHos, when Joanne isn't looking.

(called King Dongs or Twinkies in my part of the country, but I think the West Coast mostly had HoHos)

Hank - Moon Pies

Johnny - Pecan pies (the small individual ones in the metal pie plate)

Marco - Nature Valley granola bars (just introduced in the 70s, they were supposed to be healthy)



New! 9/03/07


Johnny: (well he'll eat anything) lets see....Lays Potato chips, or Fritos, or Doritos, maybe
some ritz crackers, or on the sweet side, donuts of any kind, and (you get the picture)

Roy: Twin packs of Hostess cupcakes (got hooked on them because of his kids)

Cap: Those Hostess individual pies, either apple or cherry

Marco: Chips and hot salsa.

Mike: Peanut butter and saltine crackers

Chet: (Well if he's not on a current health food kick) the cheese whiz in the can
that you squirt out onto crackers.




Hank--His wife's homemade chocolate-chip cookies

Chet--Bean dip and chips

Johnny--Hershey's candy bar

Roy--Potato chips


Marco--Jalapeno cheese and crackers



Wanda H:

Johnny - Cookies preferably Chocolate Chip if they're not available, then a Twinkee

Roy - Peanut Butter Crackers

Chet - Potato Chips

Captain Stanley - Some celery and carrot sticks

Marco - Some of his momma's home made tortilla's

Mike - Popcorn




When Firemen Get the Munchies




Johnny - Oreos and milk

Roy - an apple (Johnny's comment there is, "An APPLE? Where's the fun in that?")

Chet - jelly bellies jelly beans
(to which Johnny says "You're belly's gonna BE jelly if you eat alot of those." <G>. And Chet counters, "Like Oreos are any better for ya?")

Mike - good 'ol fashioned popcorn with butter and salt

Hank - Lays potato chips (can never eat just one)

Marco - Pork rind chips



Peggy B.: 

Johnny--M & M's Peanut


Mike--Jiffy popcorn

Hank--Peanut butter and crackers

Chet--Fritos Corn Chips

Marco-- Cheetos, Cheese that goes CRUNCH!



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