Another 'Honest' Challenge

*This idea does not belong to me, it belongs to many. I just have seen it pop up in the fandom so often, I decided it was time to do something. :o)

NEW! (03/25/06) There is an added optional segment to the challenge below the picture.


In the episode 'Honest', John Gage goes into a burning house to rescue a grandfather and a baby. He tells the grandfather to follow behind him as he scoops the baby up in his arms from the crib, not realizing the grandfather is blind and cannot follow him out. While going down the stairs with his air mask off to give the baby air, Johnny is overcome by smoke and falls, he and the baby crashing through the railing and landing on the floor below. In the show, both are okay except for smoke inhalation. But would Johnny really be that okay after a fall like that? What else might be going on with him? Would he tell anyone once he knew the grandfather still needed rescuing or would he even need to say anything? Would it be obvious? Click on the picture below to watch the clip  and see what ideas come to your mind, then write a story! :o)



Honest - an alternative ending  by Rona



Here is an added segment to this challenge. You can go entirely with your own ideas or use the story starter below. :o) This was submitted by Karen. She doesn't mind if it's changed around some or used as is. She would like to see where other writers might take it though. So my thanks to her and if you find it inspires you, go for it. :o)

Johnny didn't know what had happened. One minute he was taking the baby down the steps the next minute he was on his back watching the fire snake across the ceiling. He realized Cap had said something to him as he ran out but he couldn't hear over the ringing in his ears. It was then he remembered he still had the baby in his arms. It wasn't until he rolled to his side to get up that he realized he was in trouble. The fact that his legs weren't working just like he wanted them to was the least of his problems. The dull ache he had felt in his back exploded as he felt his ribs give; he could no longer breathe, hell, he couldn't think past the pain anymore. As hot as it was in his turnouts, he felt a cold sheen of sweat pop out on his forehead. He knew he needed to get up but he couldn't remember why. It was then he saw Chet, good ol' Chet.

It only took Chet one look into Johnny's face and he knew something was terribly wrong. He knelt down to ask Johnny what hurt. Johnny was barely able to mouth, 'my back', as he struggled to take a full breath.

Chet could see that Johnny had some movement in his hands because he was clenching and unclenching them against the pain but he knew he still shouldn't move him, he needed Roy. As Marco scooped up the baby, Chet yelled, "Get Roy in here now!"



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