Inspiration Alley


Boxers Or Briefs? Page

Stories by Linda2, Ziggy, Vanessa, Wanda CH., Jill Hargan, Whisper

    Sock It To Me Page

        Audrey W., Linda2, Purry,

        Vanessa Sgroi

Johnny 'Tillerman' Page

Jill Hargan, Jane L., Vanessa,

 Audrey W., Linda2, Sharon, Whisper


Trainee And The Dog

Jill Hargan, Vanessa Sgroi, Audrey W., Whisper, Ziggy, Wanda H., Purry, Marty P.



    Blooper Stories

        Several writers



Trainee: Johnny's Repentance

Purry, Audrey W.



To Fear Or Not To Fear. . .Phobias

Purry, Wanda Hargrove, Audrey W., Vanessa Sgroi



   The 10 Word Challenge

       Audrey W., Marty P., Vanessa Sgroi



The Fire Pole Challenge

Audrey W., E!lf, Ross, Terribv, LaJuan



Song Title Challenge

Lizabeth S. Tucker


    Emergency! Title Challenge

       Ross, Lizabeth S. Tucker


 An Honest Mistake

Whisper, Audrey W., Vanessa Sgroi, Marty P., Purry, Jill H., Wanda Hargrove, Wanda CH, Terri J. Deno, Linda2



The Dark and Stormy Challenge

Linda2,  Vanessa, Wanda CH., Peggy Bedingfield,  Chetspet,  Ross, Purry,

Canadagal, LaJuan


The Blind Date

Canadagal, Mychand, Audrey W.


New! A photo for February 2021 has been posted on the Photo Stories Page (02/03/21) - no stories yet.

A page 2 has been added to the Photo Stories as well, which is where you will find it. :o)

Photo Stories  

Ross, Lizabeth S. Tucker, Vanessa Sgroi, Purry, Audrey W., Heidi B.,  Linda Reiche, Wanda CH,

Wanda Hargrove, La Juan,  Rona, Canadagal, Peggy Bedingfield, Marty P., Caressa, E!lf,  Sherry Powers,

 nancestef, Bethany, Linda2, Jane L., Deanna, Firechick51, Morningwolf, Doc Sara, Wendy, Icabu, WrierJC


Holiday Challenges

Canadagal, Lizabeth S. Tucker, Audrey W.


Bottom Line Challenge

Lindasqd51, Rona


     Story Title Challenges

         Audrey W., Ross

The Gum Challenge

Wanda CH


Another 'Honest' Challenge


     What Day Is It

        Audrey W.

Hank's First Day

Lizabeth S. Tucker


Take the TeeVee Challenge



    Pirate Challenge

        Audrey W.


What's Wrong With Johnny?

Audrey W., Firechick51


The Sleepless in Carson Challenge



    Letters Challenge

       Audrey W., E!lf, Jammie Simmons, Icabu, Firechick51

 Use a Sentence


Life's Lemon Challenge


      New! 03/21/18- New story posted

    Holiday Dialogue Stories

      Vanessa Sgroi, Audrey W., Linda2




***A note concerning challenges on this page: I don't mind if you want to write a story to any of the challenges and the story gets posted on another site. :o)  The idea is to help keep E! fan fic going for readers and writers to enjoy. If you already post on this site, I'd prefer to post the story, but it can be on other sites too. If you don't post on this site yet and want to send in a submission, please read this first  - Info on Submissions 


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