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What I See

By Deanna

I stand here, looking at the sea, seeing nothing. 
I stand here, by myself, but I am not alone.

I watch the sea, watch the waves, watch the tide.
It rolls in, climbing higher up the sand, washing away the beach.

I am alone now, standing by my brothers who are alone too.
We are alone together, drawing strength from one another.

I ask myself, why does it matter, why do I care?
I risk myself, my family, my friends, and for what?

Others donít care, they donít understand, why should they?
To them we are nothing, until we are needed.

If we win, we are heroes on the news for a minute or two.
If we lose, we are despised and cursed for days on end.

Yesterday we fought, we fought hard with all the training and skills we have
Yesterday we lost, lost the fight, lost the day, lost a friend.

Today we said goodbye, to a friend, a brother, a fighter
Today we cried, we grieved, we comforted one another

Tomorrow we will live again, fight again
Tomorrow we will go on, do what we live to do

Why do I care and why do we do it?
Because someone  must, and we do.




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