Cats and Cookies


  By:  Wanda C.H.




“Oh, man, Roy, did you see that?”


“See what?”


“How can you ask what? That black cat crossed right in front of the squad...this morning of all mornings.”


“Johnny, that cat had to be at least five hundred yards away from us.  You can’t tell me that you’re worried about that silly cat.” The blond paramedic had a faint smile on his face just thinking about how superstitious his partner was.


“You know what they say about bad luck. I just don’t like takin’ chances.”


“If it makes you feel any better, I’ll be with ya’ all day.  You are still comin’ over after our shift, aren’t ya’?”


“Am I still comin’ over?  Of course I’ll be there.  I can’t disappoint Chris and Jenny.”  The younger man was now shaking his head in disbelief, and rolling his eyes.


“Well, I’m glad because Halloween with ‘Uncle Johnny’ is all that Chris and Jenny have been able to talk about for weeks.  They really love you, ya know?”


“I love them too, Roy.  Oh, by the way, is Joanne fixin’ those Halloween cookies that she usually has?”


“I was wonderin’ how long it would take you to bring up those famous cookies that my wife makes.  Sure, she said she made the dough up last night and will be baking today.”


Just the thought of the smell of those wonderful cookies baking had John Gage’s mouth watering.  He didn’t even know what kind of cookies they were; he just knew they were the best he had ever tasted.  This was the highlight of this spooky holiday for the dark haired man...Joanne’s cookies.  While Johnny was daydreaming of the treat he had in store for himself, he suddenly realized that his partner was slamming on the brakes.  When he looked up, right in front of the squad was the unthinkable...a black cat.  Roy had managed to miss the cat by mere inches.


“This is too weird.  Two black cats on Halloween crossing in front of the squad.  Roy, I think we should go back to the station and hide out.  No, better yet, we could go to Rampart and hide out.”


“Junior, you know that there’s no hiding out when we’re on duty.  It’ll be fine, I promise.  Hey, if I have to I’ll hold your hand when we need to cross the street.”  Roy was audibly chuckling by this time. "Besides, we're almost off duty anyway."


“Okay, so you think this is funny, but I’m telling’ ya’, it’s a bad omen, or somethin’ like that.  Roy, I think we’re hexed for the day.  Maybe we should just have a party for Chris and Jenny inside tonight.  You know, just the five of us.  That would be fun, right?”


“You try and get that one over with Chris and Jenny.  I don’t think it’ll happen.  What am I supposed to tell them when they ask me what’s wrong with you?  We saw a couple of black cats today.”


“Fine, have your fun, but Roy, I’m tellin’ ya’, I’ve got a bad feelin’ about today.”


“I know, I know, Junior, you have a bad feelin’.  Just remember that doesn’t mean that somethin’ bad is gonna’ happen.  PLEASE remember that.  I really don’t need you in panic mode all day.”  Roy was getting impatient with his best friend at this point, because he knew how Johnny could be when he went off on a tangent like this.  He was glad they'd soon be off but the fair haired man just knew that he had to get his partner under control before taking him home to his children.  It was amazing how Chris and Jenny picked up on everything now.  They would be so cute in their trick-or-treat costumes.  Jenny was going to be a princess and Chris was going to be a pirate...what a combination!


“What are ya’ smirking about now?  You think I’m being silly, don’t ya’?  Go ahead, partner, you can tell me.”  Roy wasn’t the only one becoming a bit agitated.  Johnny knew that his partner thought he was totally crazy sometimes and this was one of those times.  He could tell by the older man’s body language and facial expressions.


“Okay, Johnny, I think you’re carryin’ this black cat and bad luck thing too far.  It’s just a couple of cats.  They could just as easily have been white.  We have cats, dogs, you name it, run out in front of the squad weekly.  You wouldn’t be reacting this way if the cats weren’t black, and it wasn’t Halloween.”


“I’ll give ya’ that one, partner.  I wouldn’t react this way if the cats had been white.  There’s no curse with white bad luck.”


“I’ll remember that wealth of wisdom the next time Chris or Jenny wants a cat.  Look, I have it!  Johnny, just concentrate on Joanne’s cookies, and how good they’re gonna’ taste.  That should keep your mind on the right track for a while.”


“Yea, there’s nothin’ like her cookies!”  Finally Johnny was again calm and not thinking of all the horrors that the day would likely hold. 


Roy was happy with the silence and contentment on his friend’s face as he backed the squad into place at the station.  While getting out of the squad, he heard a loud thud coming from Johnny’s side.  When Roy turned to look for his partner, the young man had disappeared, but he could hear groaning on the other side of the squad.  He ran to see what was happening, only to find his partner on the floor, rubbing his head.”


“Johnny, you okay?”


“I hit my head on the door gettin’ out of the squad.  Man, I told ya’ that today was gonna’ be bad.”


The senior paramedic helped John up, and knew he had to take action quickly.  After making sure that his partner was okay, Roy could only think of one thing to do.


“Come on, Johnny.”  Roy went to the pay phone in the station and called his wife.  He explained enough of the situation for her to get the picture, and know just what to say to Johnny.  Roy gave the phone to his partner, and when Johnny hung up with Joanne, the world seemed bright again.


“Now what are YOU smirkin’ about?”


“Joanne said that she was gonna’ bake an extra batch of cookies for me to take home after we take the kids out tonight.”


“So now you no longer think we’re hexed?”


“Hexed?  Roy, sometimes I don’t understand you, man.  It doesn’t get any better than your wife’s cookies, and I’m gonna’ have my very own batch.  Can’t you understand that?  My very own batch of the world’s best cookies.  How could anything go wrong now?”


Shaking his head in disbelief, Roy didn’t dare say anything.  He would just remember to give his wife extra special thanks for saving his sanity this Halloween.




** I neither own, nor have created any of the characters of Emergency!, but am very thankful for the opportunity to “play” and have fun with them.  Happy Halloween, and may no black cats cross your path!**




Happy Halloween!

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